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‘Teen Mom’ Star Kayla Sessler’s Health Update Sparks Concerns

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Teen Mom star Kayla Sessler’s mother Jaime recently shared a scary health update about the reality star with fans. The 23-year-old has been a series regular on Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant which recently concluded its third season. The last we saw of Kayla, she wrapped up her relationship with ex-Luke Davis in the finale episode. Although emotionally, she wasn’t at a good stage, nothing really seemed off about her health on screen. So, what is this health update that has had fans concerned about the young mom? Keep reading to find out more!

Kayla Sessler’s Mom Jaime Reveals Daughter Had Heart Surgery

On Friday, Kayla’s mother Jaime took to Twitter to share an update on her daughter’s health and revealed that the MTV star underwent surgery and is now well and resting. She wrote, “The end of a long week. Thank goodness my daughter’s heart surgery went well. She’s home resting.”

Teen Mom Kayla Sessler YouTube

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Jaime frequently appears on the MTV show alongside her daughter. Concerned for Kayla, fans quickly responded to Jaime’s post. One wrote, “I hope that she is okay. I’ve interacted with both her and Jamie and they are both so sweet.”

“That’s scary! I’m glad she’s doing well,” wrote another fan.

A third chimed in, “I just hope that she will continue to prioritize her health.”

Kayla Complained Of Having Panic Attack In A Teen Mom Episode

Although Kayla appeared healthy throughout Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant Season 3, there was an incident where she complained of a health issue. While driving her car one day, she shared that she was experiencing something similar to a panic attack.

Kayla Sessler YouTube

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As the episode aired on MTV, Kayla took to Twitter to clarify how the incident was associated with her heart surgery. In a confessional, she had previously revealed, “So I was driving home and my heart just started to beat really fast and I got, like, dizzy and I was, like, hot and I just freaked out and called my mom to come get me.”

She wrote on Twitter, “So, it actually wasn’t a panic attack. Turns out I have something wrong with my heart. I have surgery coming up September 13th #youngandpregnant.”

Luke’s Mom Attacks Teen Mom Kayla Raising Security Concerns

As per The Sun, given her ongoing issues with ex-Luke, Kayla assumed her health issue to be a panic attack. The former couple that shares a daughter, Ariah, recently got engaged. However, the MTV star later claimed that marriage isn’t something on her cards right now. Ever since they cheated on one another, their relationship had been a strained one, more so, after she ended her pregnancy with their second child.

Kayla Sessler Teen Mom YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Adding to this array of stress, Luke’s mom also started a nasty on-screen fight with the mother of two. The fight took off to such intensity that the security team at MTV had to intervene.

Do you think stress could have added to Kayla’s health problems? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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