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Honey Boo Boo Gives Fans What They Want

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Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson has been accused of growing up too fast for some time now. From her older boyfriend to the overdone makeup and excessive nails, when is it too much? Fans understand that she is just experimenting as a typical teenager which is fine. However, they just want her to dial it back a little bit. It appears that she finally listened as the seventeen-year-old debuted a new look on her social media. Read on to see what she did and what her followers had to say.

Honey Boo Boo Dials Herself Back & Fans React

It’s fun to experiment and try new looks as a teenager. For Alana, she already has both nostrils pierced. Along with that, she is a huge fan of excessively long fake nails. Furthermore, she adores really long and heavy false eyelashes. Fans have had a huge problem, especially with the lashes. When her older sister and guardian, Pumpkin did a family photo shoot, her newborn twins were supposed to be the focus. However, Alana’s lashes were a big distraction. It appears she heard everyone loud and clear and has done something about it.

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According to The Sun, Alana posted a short video of her new, professionally done lashes on her Instagram. These are much more natural than her previous, overdone ones and her followers clearly noticed. They could not help but comment on how great she looked: “girl i love them so much! beautiful mama,” one noted. Another added: “ok those are a perfect fit for you! so cute.” Someone commented that these were great because others tend to look like insects. Of course, HBB still had her signature long nails but looked like she finally got her lash game down.

Making The Most Out Of Her Life

It has not always been an easy ride but Honey Boo Boo is trying to make the best out of her life. In April of this year, her older sister Pumpkin was given sole custody of her. Unfortunately, the family has seemingly been plagued by money issues as Pumpkin welcomed twins the following month. She receives $800/month from their mother, Mama June in child support but it barely scratches the surface. The family now promotes themselves on social media, reminding fans that they are on Cameo.


Furthermore, they have done a few meet and greets but a recent one did not go as planned. Alana was working with Boston Market so they did the event at an Atlanta one. Unfortunately, the owner never paid HBB and her family for their participation in the meet and greet which brought in a lot of people. Currently, they are pursuing legal measures. As for their future in television, it was rumored that Pumpkin and Alana would be getting their own show. Yet, Mama June was just seen with a camera crew so this is anybody’s guess.

Would you like to see them have their own show? Plus, what do you think of Honey Boo Boo’s toned-down look? Let us know in the comments


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