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‘Sister Wives’: Has Christine Driven Kody To Grief Counseling?

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Last week on the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives, a marriage officially ended. Kody tried to make sense of why he had been moved out of Christine’s home. She felt her reasons were extremely valid but Kody needed to have a sit down with his third wife. Despite knowing it was best that they part ways, Kody’s pride seemingly kept him hanging on. Now, in episode two, they are sitting back down again and Kody is starting to question how he can move past this. Read on for more details.

Hanging On For Sister Wives

When Kody went by Christine’s, he needed answers. He could not understand what led her to leave his stuff in the garage without any warning. She explained that things had been going downhill for over a decade. Yet, it was his withdrawal of intimacy from their marriage that was the final straw. She could not live in a marriage like this and he had all of these stipulations for getting the intimacy back. To be fair, she did not believe him. Furthermore, she felt making the marriage work was contingent on her being kinder to a particular wife, his favorite one.

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She was not bending over backward but Kody just kept fighting for something that was not working. Christine asked why when he knew full well that it was over. He alleged that he did not want his family pulled apart but the fact is there were only a few young minor Brown children. It also did not help Christine said she was moving to Utah. This week, Kody was back at Christine’s, trying to settle everything. He admits to the camera that this is all a major injustice. Yet he tells Christine he ultimately wants her to be happy which she is beyond flattered by.

Finally, Kody reveals that he thinks he is going to need grief counseling after this marriage. He has no idea why but it has really done a number on him. It seems that he knows they are better off apart and she needs to move on and be happy. However, he is still putting up a fight to keep her around. What is wrong with this picture? Maybe a loss of control? Or moving into the unknown.

Christine Needs To Go

Her older kids have seen what she has gone through with Kody and they have no idea how she handled it. However, one person in the dark about it is their youngest daughter, Truely. She has friends who have divorced parents and thinks that it is the worst thing possible. So, when it is really the proper time, Christine will break the news to her. For now, she will just make everything as positive as possible. The truth of the matter is that Kody was not around all that much prior to the pandemic so her kids don’t know the difference.

It seems Christine has made it through just fine but will Kody actually seek counseling? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sunday on TLC.



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  1. kody is mad cause he has lost control . he sure puts the blame on christine for everything that has happened and wont take the blame for nothing . he does favor his his fourth wife and she likes that way . kody i think is a narrsicist . he wants to control everything and everything is about him . i wish mary and janelle would leave to and then see how forth wife likes having him around and all to herself and her kids .she seems to like to be controled by a man

  2. Kody seems to be doing just fine…he’s been spotted with his Fav Robyn shopping at Victoria’s Secret and partying it up and dancing at the club..Kody and Robyn needed the first 3 wives to sell the las Vegas homes …it would be too obvious if Kody and Robyn up and moved away alone. Kody has been doing the most to try and get the first 3 wives to leave for a while. Robyn actually made a comment once that Kody should be able to leave if he chose to…before Covid..before Flagstaff move.

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