‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Brags About Breaking Law

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Kody who? Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are having a great time on their trip to Hawaii without Kody Brown. Accompanied by Savannah, Aspyn, and Carrie (Janelle’s sister), the group went on a road trip during their vacation with Janelle in the driver’s seat. Sister Wives Season 17 premiered on September 11, 2022, with emotional updates for the family.

Sister Wives Stars Janelle And Christine Brown Enjoy Vacation In Hawaii

Ever since Robyn became a part of the family, the internal dynamics have changed a lot. Now that the Browns are getting real about things that are troubling the family, especially with Kody’s favoritism, the show has gotten a lot more interesting.

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After Christine separated from Kody, her only close friend, Janelle, stood by her side through thick and thin. And, now they are out on this relaxing vacation as they chat about their personal lives, dietary choices, and even some incidents where they broke the law.

Christine shared a video of their road trip on Instagram that starts with her welcoming fans and introducing Janelle and others. Janelle chimes in, “I’m actually driving today. So, I’m driving and Christine has to put up with my driving.”

“She drives fine!” mouths Christine.

“And, there’s always chatter in the back, Sorry!” complains Janelle.

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Christine reassures fans stating, “Janelle drives fine. She drives fine. She drives slow. She also cooks everything on slow. I drive fast.”

However, Janelle starts speaking on behalf of Christine as she says, “I cook everything on high. And burn everything”

“And then I burn everything,” continues Christine.

Christine Brown Admits She Has Had Two Speeding Tickets In One Month

The topic of conversation then shifts to speeding tickets as Janelle asks, “And who has the most speeding tickets?”

Surprised by the query, Christine counterquestions, “Oh my god! How many speeding tickets do you have?”

“I have never had any,” answers the 53-year-old. “You have never had a speeding ticket?” asks Christine who is in awe given her past with speeding issues.

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Christine admits proudly & even brags that she has had two speeding tickets in a period of ‘one month’! She further explains that she had to take not one but two traffic schools. This is because one of her tickets was in Utah and the other one was in Arizona.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Complains Of Lack Of Intimacy

It seems like Christine isn’t holding back from broadcasting her life, especially now that she left Kody! On the premiere episode of Sister Wives Season 17, the 50-year-old also revealed that she pushed through 10 to 12 years of bad marriage before making the final call. She also talked about her intimate life with him and mentioned that their relationship lacked intimacy.

Christine Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“A couple times a year doesn’t work for a marriage,” she said talking about their physical intimacy. As Kody seemingly disagreed, she further added, “You’re not interested in an intimate marriage with me. I was.”

Do you think it was the right call for Christine to part ways? What do you think of Christine’s latest admission about her speeding tickets? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Yay for her. They all should leave Kody and plural marriage for good, remain friends with one another for the sake of their children and find husbands devoted only to them.

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