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Robyn Brown Claims Kody’s Always Angry, Misses Way It Was

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Since the pandemic started, Robyn Brown has been the chosen one. Patriarch Kody Brown has noted that she and her kids are the most obedient. They listen to him and abide by the rules set forth. However, it is no secret that he is with Robyn way more than she would like. Last season, she told Janelle that this was not what she signed up for. She did not want monogamy but rather sister wives yet she has Kody all of the time. This week, she opened up about what it has been like living with Kody almost all of the time and how his behavior has been. Sadly, it is not pretty.

Robyn Brown, The Punching Bag

It has already been acknowledged that when Meri would frequently throw Kody out, he would come straight to Robyn’s. She would then tell him to go back. By the same token, she admitted that she had also thrown him out when things just could not get resolved. It became harder when the pandemic hit and the homes became limited. Kody would not go to Janelle or Christine’s as he felt they were too risky. He and Meri were barely close so that was not even an option. Therefore, he was always at Robyn’s which caused a lot of tension.

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Finally, she revealed that Kody has not been pleasant to live with by any means. He directs his anger at her which is completely unwarranted. Of course, she does try to remind him that it is not her that she is actually angry with. However, it is hard for him because his children are currently involved. He has not been able to be around them as much due to them living in different homes. Plus he does not agree with the Covid rules set forth in his other wives’ homes.

He feels Christine and Janelle are too lax with Christine traveling too much so he does not want to put himself thus the whole family in danger. This frustration ultimately circles back to Robyn and she is over it. She has never seen him struggle like this before and she just wants her old Kody back.

He Admits He Is Stuck

Despite it all, Kody has acknowledged that he may need some help to get through these times. Right now, his family is falling apart and his third wife, Christine is leaving for Utah. It’s something even Robyn Brown cannot manage. The family has not faced a loss such as this so it will take a lot to get them back on track. Yet, they have been so off kilter for a while. It may be time for them to reevaluate their whole mission statement and start from the ground up.

Do you think Kody can ever let go of his anger? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Sh-thread is getting what he deserves and I wish all the wives would leave him. This is what Sobyn wanted now live with it

  2. Kody needs a JOB! He is lazy and doesn’t want to work. A hard day’s work would negate his need for drama and power.

    He bounces around from house to house trying to be Mr. Big.

    Mr. Big is a flawed, failing human being and he needs to straighten up and be a hard working man.

    Robin needs a JOB too! Get off your arse and provide for your kids!!

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