Candace Cameron Bure-Produced GAF Movie Is ‘Full House’ Reunion

Candace Cameron Bure Produced Movie is Full House Reunion-

Great American Family has announced another Great American Christmas movie, Candace Cameron Bure Presents Christmas On Candy Cane Lane. They will be starting production soon.

This mini-Full House reunion stars Andrea Barber (Fuller House, That Girl Lay Lay), and Dan Payne (Virgin River, Scented With Love).

This Great American Christmas movie is based on the book by Sheila Roberts (The Nine Kittens Of Christmas, The Nine Livers Of Christmas), with Christie Will Wolf (A Dangerous Affair, Where Your Heart Belongs) directing.

What more do we know about this exciting reunion?

Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure's Christmas On Candy Cane Lane-
Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas On Candy Cane Lane-

What Is Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas On Candy Cane Lane About?

In this holiday movie, Ivy Donaldson (Barber) is going through a difficult transition in her life. Currently, she is separated from her husband Rob (Payne).

Therefore, she finds she has to be upbeat for her daughter’s sake in their small town of Icicle Falls. However, Ivy feels the pressure of her mother, Muriel’s, memory.

Her mother was bigger than life. A former television star, she owned The Christmas Haus in town, and was nicknamed the “Christmas Maven.” In addition, Muriel was in charge of the Candy Cane Lane Lights Extravaganza. Ivy feels she cannot even attempt to duplicate what her mother did for their beloved town. 

But, “a series of comical and mysterious events bring neighbors of Icicle Falls, including Ivy’s entire family, together in a masterstroke of perfection only the ‘Christmas Maven’ herself could appreciate.”

CCB Shares Her Excitement At Working With Her Full House Pal

According to Deadline, CCB is thrilled to bring one of her best friends to Great American Family for a holiday movie. She also promises that Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas On Candy Cane Lane will be comedic.

It brings me great joy to bring you the incredibly talented and funny Andrea Barber. Having a 30-year bestie friendship both on and off camera has allowed me to find the perfect project to introduce the Christmas genre audience to her brilliant comedic skills, her heartwarming authenticity and vulnerability that is a rare gem today. Just as I have, audiences will fall in love with Andrea’s warmth and relatability, and chuckle along with her all the way down Candy Cane Lane

She wrote on Instagram, “It sure is a GREAT American Christmas 😍- feeling overjoyed to collaborate and bring on one of my best friends, @andreabarber for this Christmas season! @gactv @actordanpayne #greatamericanchristmas.”

Andrea replied, “I’m learning from the best! 😊👸🏼🎄❤️💚”

Is Candace Cameron Bure Starring With Andrea Barber In GAF Movie?

Although this is the first movie under Candace Cameron Bure’s Candy Rock Entertainment, it does not appear that she will be in the movie itself.

Could CCB could make a cameo appearance? This seems unlikely, as she is now about to film her own Great American Christmas movie, A Christmas…Present.

That is because of logistics. First, Christmas On Candy Cane Lane will be filmed in the Vancouver, BC area, while the second,  A Christmas…Present will be filming near Tulsa, Oklahoma at about the same time.

However, Great American Family is currently airing reruns of their Full House episodes, where the two best pals  D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler get into all sorts of fun antics. Fans can see them reunited on screen.

Great American Media should be announcing the 2022 Great American Christmas schedule soon.

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