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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Wishes Brother Happy Birthday

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The new generation of Alaskan Bush People will feature Billy Brown’s children front and center with the patriarch dying in 2021. This means that the kids are taking the roles of adults in the family, and one of the boys is now one year older.

Bear Brown wished his brother a happy birthday, and joked that they are the old men in the family now.

Bear Brown wishes Bam Bam a happy birthday

The Brown brothers are preparing to start promoting a new season of Alaskan Bush People, which has been filming over the last year. No, Matt Brown still won’t be on the show after his family ostracized him. However, the rest of the Brown siblings will be back with mother Ami for the new season.

Bam Bam Brown on Alaskan Bush People

While Matt is the oldest child, with him off the show, it now comes down to Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown as the elder son. He is now one year older. On Sunday, Bear Brown posted a happy birthday message to his big brother, Bam Bam, who just turned 38 years old. Bear is the third oldest of the children at 34.

Bear took to Instagram and featured a photo of Bam Bam Brown sitting with his arm around Bear’s shoulder. He wrote in the post, “I’d like to wish Bam Bam the man with the plan! A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Can’t believe we’re the old men these days!!! Happy Birthday bro!!!”

Bear Brown IG

Alaskan Bush People‘s Brown siblings ready for a new season

Bear might be the most excited member of the Alaskan Bush People family for the new season. Before the new season renewal, only Bear and Noah Brown mentioned the possibility. Noah said he couldn’t talk about it, which was likely because Discovery Channel wanted to wait until they released the trailer for its announcement.

Bear posted a pic before the announcement asking who wanted to see a new Alaskan Bush People season and included an emoji of him raising his hand. This new season will see a lot of new adventures for the Brown siblings.

For Bear Brown, he asked Raiven to marry him and the two are now expecting their second child. However, there was some tragedy, as they lost a baby in 2021 via miscarriage. As for Bam Bam Brown, he was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this year that might play out on the show, as well. There is also the worry that Noah Brown might leave his family, as he wants to go back to Alaska to raise his kids in the bush.

Are you excited to see Bear Brown and Bam Bam back for a new season of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know what you are most excited about in the comments below.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Bam wishing you many more blessed Years. Can’t wait until October 2 for season 14.

  2. oldest brother is if Matt passes away and the only way you could become the oldest brother period just because Matt doesn’t want to be on the show any more doesn’t make you the older brother Matt is still the older brother not you get over it get over yourself.matt will always be the oldest till he passes like I said and you so called family members who have turned your back on him just because he wants to help other people and not a part of your phone family he has that right your dad always said he wanted nothing to do with the moern world but he,LL except money for the show ya,LL are a family of hepacrite,s is all y’all are you except money that makes ya,LL hepacrite,s your nothing but a family of phoney,s except Matt at least he,s honest about it….😲😬😁🤐😲😖🤬😠🤪😈😠

  3. I don’t care if they are phoney they entertain me.If you think about it all hollywood is phony. They are acting from a script.So what
    They make me laugh.Keep up the crazy antics.Luv this show,have from the beginning. So sad that Billy passed.Life goes on
    Good luck younguns.🤗

  4. I love the Brown family each and everyone. My favorite is and has always been Matt & Gabe. If they’re story has been real or exaggerated I’ve certainly stayed entertained. I love this family. I dont care how much money they’ve made on their show if you or I could make that much their way we’d take in a heart beat. Why are some people so jealous and hateful? I’m thrilled to hear the show will continue and I hope someone has convinced Bird to fix her darn teeth. With some of the family’s money they should invest in her smile.Shes beautiful but I know im not alone in this so Congratulations on the show continuing and get a dentist on the set.

  5. Bam Ban……Seems like your life is the fkd up one now. Your a bore n with bear jumpin around and noah….hhmmpphh
    Gabe you got a chance…sisters your just 2 Dorky…….


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