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‘The View’ S*x Talk Gone Wild, Show Abruptly Shuts Down

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Things got wild on a recent episode of The View when a segment of Hot Topics quickly turned into a steamy and detailed s*x talk that involved most of the co-hosts. As TvShowsAce previously reported, this wild segment shined a bright light on the fact that Joy Behar had a perverted side. Likewise, the segment also revealed that Ana Navarro was a bit of a prude when it comes to dirty talk. The wild conversation progressed to the point that an off-screen producer felt the need to abruptly shut down the show.

Joy Behar Joins The View Table [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View: S*x talk gone wild

During a Hot Topics segment, the panel wanted to discuss what does or doesn’t qualify as a dirty text message. Alyssa Farah Griffin kicked off the conversation by admitting she was no stranger to sending and receiving dirty text messages. Turns out, a long-distance relationship with her husband for a period of time forced them to be intimate with dirty text messages.

The conversation took a bit of a turn when the women admitted they were all victims of receiving an unsolicited d*ck pic at one time or another.

Alyssa revealed: “I’ve had this happen multiple times when I’m on the subway, and if you have AirDrop on, people will just drop you wiener pics. It’s horrifying!”

Sarah Haines admitted she wouldn’t ride the subway just to avoid receiving NSFW pictures.

Alyssa noted that avoiding the subway hardly avoided the problem: “I hate to say this, because you’re all beautiful, public figures. I guarantee if you look at your Instagram accounts, you have hidden messages of men sending you pictures. I guarantee it.”

The View Co-Host Sunny Hostin [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Sunny Hostin gets things spicy

Sunny Hostin tried to shut the conversation down before admitting she has received unwanted NSFW photos as well. Feeling a bit frisky, Joy Behar even got in on the conversation before she wanted all of the juicy details on the unwanted pictures.

As things got more graphic between Sunny and Joy, the off-screen producer was forced to intervene. The show was abruptly cut off.

Were you surprised when Joy Behar started prying for dirty details on the d*ck pic that slid into Sunny’s private messages? Did you know Ana Navarro was uncomfortable talking dirty on The View? Moreover, did it surprise you the producer decided to pull the plug on the whole segment and force the panel to a different subject? Let us know your answers to these questions in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest talk show news.

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