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Olivia Newton-John’s Publicist Fuming After Emmys Snub


Michael Caprio, publicist to Olivia Newton-John for over 24 years, is fuming after the late singer has seemingly been snubbed from the Emmys “In Memoriam” tribute.

Emmys Snub Olivia Newton-John In Tribute

Each year, the Emmys put together an “In Memoriam” tribute to recognize the performers, actors, and artists that died over the last year. This year’s tribute included some legends. Betty White, Ray Liotta, Bob Saget, Anne Heche, and Sidney Poitier. However, many people were surprised not to see Olivia Newton-John mentioned.

At this time, Olivia’s family is not speaking with the media and still taking their time to grieve the late star. Caprio, on the other hand, has been quick to express his disappointment with the Emmy Awards this year.

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As we reported, Olivia died in August after a long battle with breast cancer and many people were heartbroken. After decades in the spotlight and performing in classics like Grease, she had become a household name. Not to mention, she was well-known in Hollywood.

In addition to being featured in several movies, Olivia had a number of television specials. She was a guest judge on American Idol and even popped up on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. There was no question about her belonging in the tribute.

For viewers and fans of Olivia, it was unforgivable to leave her out. She was an entertainment icon, after all. That being said, Olivia Newton-John was not the only star left out of the tribute this year.

Fans Explode Over ‘In Memoriam’ Omissions

There were several snubs when it came to the Emmys “In Memoriam” tribute this year. Olivia Newton-John was left out. Pat Carroll was also left out of the tribute. Carroll won an award at the 9th annual Emmys ceremony for supporting performance by an actress on Caesar’s Hour, a sketch comedy show.

Others have noted that Norm MacDonald, who passed away after the last Emmys ceremony, was also absent from the tribute. While MacDonald was featured last year, many people believed that he should have been included this year as well because he was nominated for an award. Gilbert Gottfried and Gaspard Ulliel were also left out. Many fans took to Twitter to express their feelings about this.

One viewer asked on Twitter, “Did I miss it or was Norm MacDonald not listed in the Emmys in memoriam? He was literally nominated for an award.” Several other people tweeted about the “In Memoriam” as well, pointing out Olivia Newton-John’s absence and the absence of other celebrities.

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Obviously, one person said, there are some limits as to how many people and who you can include, but some of these individuals are no-brainers, or so it would seem.

What do you think? Did the Emmys snub Olivia Newton-John or was there another reason for leaving her out? Watch the tribute below and let us know what you think.

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