Hannah Ann Sluss Shares Advice After Scary Incident Happened

Hannah Ann Sluss who famously got engaged and then broke up with Peter Weber on his season had a scary experience recently. She is regularly on social media and shares delicious recipes she cooks with followers. Hannah Ann sent a message to her fans telling them to be careful out there in the crazy world.

Most recently Hannah received a lot of attention for, “Slussgate.” There’s a photo of her on set during the filming of Clare Crawley’s season. Both Clare and Katie Thurston said it wasn’t her. There was speculation from some fans that maybe she was in the running to come on as The Bachelorette when Clare decided to ghost the show with Dale Moss.

Sluss said it is her and it’s funny because no one knows why she was there. She’s not worried about what the other Bachelor ladies think of her. Hannah Ann is now happy in her relationship with Jake Funk. He’s a football player for the LA Rams. They met on TikTok when he messaged her after a video she made addressing the Hannah Brown, Peter Weber tea. She often shares videos of the two of them and game day outfits. Fans are thrilled for her and love following her journey.

What Scary Thing Happened To Hannah Ann Sluss?

On her Instagram account, Hannah Ann Sluss talked about the importance of being aware of your surroundings. According to Bachelor Nation, she said, “I had a situation happen to me today that could’ve ended up really bad if I wasn’t aware of my surroundings while walking into Target.”

Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram
Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram

She also said to make sure to be super cautious. Hannah said it’s hard to not be on your phone when you’re out and about but it’s important to pay attention. She said watch your bag and trust your guy. “If you feel unsafe, always go to security and let someone else know.”

She Didn’t Say Exactly What Happened

While Hannah Ann Sluss cautioned her followers, she didn’t say exactly what happened leaving fans to guess from the advice she gave. Clearly, something happened that unnerved her enough to want to warn others. She ended by saying she just wants everyone to stay safe.

Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram
Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram

Her advice is important. Staying aware of your surroundings is always a good idea. She and Jake recently took a big step and got a dog together seen below. His name is Dash and he already has almost three thousand followers on Instagram. What do you think about Hannah cautioning her followers? Read more about her relationship with Jake Funk here. Read about what her parents think here. Come back to Tv Shows Ace for all your Bachelor and reality television news.

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