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‘Good Morning America’ Rob Marciano’s Absence Explained


GMA’s favorite meteorologist, Rob Marciano has been missing from action for quite some time. While he can be seen on social media sharing pictures with his son, his absence from the ABC show has sparked concerns among fans.

Rob Marciano Enjoys Lunch With His Son Mason

Earlier this week, the renowned weatherman shared a picture of himself and his son Mason (4) on Instagram Stories sharing lunch outside. The journalist smiled proudly as he stood right next to his little boy as they enjoyed some French fries. More so, the 4-year-old reciprocated with a smile just as big.

The post was captioned, “Lunchin.”

Rob Marciano Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Although it seems like the forecaster is having a good time with his family, his fans worry about if and when he will return to the show again. Throughout the month of August, his attendance on Good Morning America has been scanty. He was completely present during the first week of August on the show, his absence started with the weekend on a Sunday (August 14). As per The Sun, a similar pattern was seen the next weekend, August 20.

GMA Fans Question Whether The Meteorologist Is Being Replaced

Given his on-and-off appearance throughout the month, fans even took to social media to question his absence and where he is at.

One GMA fan wrote on Twitter, “@RobMarciano are you coming back to GMA weekend? And daytime? Everyone has been asking, you could at least answer.”

“Ok @GMA I see what is happening. @RobMarciano is not coming back to the weekends. You are trying to find his replacement. So far, I don’t think you have found the next puzzle piece,” wrote a second GMA viewer.

A third fan wrote, “Hey Rob, are you coming back to weekend GMA? We miss you!”

During his absence from the show, Cheryl Scott, Sam Champion, and others filled in.

GMA Rob Marciano Is Enjoying An Extended Vacation

However, it looks like Rob does have a good reason behind his absence from the show. At the end of August, he confessed that he was on a long vacation.

Rob Marciano Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

The meteorologist flaunted the greenery he has been surrounded by during his summer trip to Oregon. He shared a compilation of videos and pictures that showed him in the forest along with his friends enjoying the outdoors.

The 54-year-old captioned the post, “Nothing short of a soul-filling five days in Oregon. Seeing life-long friends and some of my favorite spots in this spectacular state.”

Ever since then the weatherman has been reporting from Portland itself. He is spending an extended time enjoying his vacation.

Rob Marciano Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Recently, Rob also revealed devastating news of the passing of his family’s beloved pet, Sunny. He informed fans that his dog which was a German Shephard, and Coonhound mix passed away.

What do you think of Rob Marciano’s absence from GMA? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I think people should leave him alone and and let what will be work itself out. It won’t affect theirs lives in any eat.Simply give the man some peace.

  2. I really miss Rob on GMA Weekend The GMA Weekend anchors sometimes plays too much. They seem to be hard on Rob, and would make comments about his clothes. Maybe he got tired of their comments. Good luck Rob!!!

  3. i think everyone deserves much needed time off and i don’t think it necessarily needs an explanation. everyone deserves some privacy.

  4. I was so worried when Rob first went missing. After the announcement of their divorce, I totally understand Rob’s need for privacy during this time. I appreciate his need to put family first. I would also, as a long time viewer of GMA, love to see him return. He’s the missing link.

  5. Leave the poor guy alone. He prob needs time to work out his divorce problems and be there for his KIDS. So go away, all you naysayers!

  6. Rob should get some time off and not work every weekend.that gets old
    Whit Johnson is another one always working,that will end soon probably.
    Tom Llamas was always working weekends,got sick of it and went to NBC

  7. miss you Rob on weekend GMA coming back to GMA will be good for be around people take your mind off everything just think about you will be muchs happy
    come back 😢 😪

  8. I remember, while reading concerns of Rob’s absence, that prior to this he had worked for extended period of time. There were many days in a row including the weekends. Personally, I believe this is good old fashioned deserved time off with his family and friends. Enjoy your time Rob, will see you soon.

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