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How To Watch Anne Heche’s Final Lifetime Movie ‘Girl In Room 13’

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Lifetime’s Girl In Room 13 is Ripped From The Headlines. It is also Anne Heche’s final movie with Lifetime. Director Elisabeth Röhm also shared how devoted the late actress was to this role, describing it as a “mission.”

The Donnie Brasco actress cared about stopping human trafficking and violence against women. Therefore, fans will want to honor her by seeing this important work.

We have all the details about her Lifetime movie, and how to watch it.

What Is Anne Heche’s Movie Girl In Room 13 About?

In Lifetime’s Girl In Room 13, Heche portrays Janie, a mother whose daughter Grace (Larissa Dias) is trying to rebuild her life. When Grace was younger, she experienced a sports injury that required pain pills. However, after her doctor prescribed those pills, she became an addict.

Now, fresh out of her third rehab stint, Grace is determined to live her life differently. But, her past continues to haunt her.

One friend manages to convince her to meet up with Richie (Max Montesi). Richie is both her former love interest and her drug dealer. But, it turns out, his plans are more sinister. Now, Grace is trapped in a hotel room, the victim of human trafficking.

Unable to get help from the police, Janie now ventures into the dark underworld of human trafficking. There is nothing that will stop her from finding her daughter!

Anne Heche, used with Lifetime's permission
Anne Heche, used with Lifetime’s permission

How Can You Watch Lifetime’s Girl In Room 13?

The premiere of Girl In Room 13 is on Saturday, September 17, at 8 pm., Eastern, on Lifetime. This Ripped From The Headlines movie will be available online starting on Sunday, September 18 on the Lifetime website.

Larissa Dias stars with Anne Heche, used with Lifetime's permission
Larissa Dias stars with Anne Heche, used with Lifetime’s permission

Why Lifetime’s Girl In Room 13 Was Important To Late Actress

Elisabeth Röhm is the director of Lifetime’s Girl In Room 13. The actress and director has been previewing this movie and discussed with TVInsider the horrors of human trafficking, and Polaris, the organization that is fighting to end human trafficking.

Moreover, Röhm has also been the late actress’s voice in stressing the importance of this cause.

She had worked with Lifetime before, so she was really excited and pumped to be a part of their Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

Röhm even revealed that Heche had a specific goal in mind. She wanted this to be an Emmy-winning movie to highlight this cause.

She wanted to get underneath [the story] in a really deep, personal way and bring a performance that she wanted an Emmy for on behalf of Lifetime and on behalf of stopping violence against women.

The director revealed the quality of Heche’s performance in this movie. The actress gave everything. This wasn’t a job. This was a “mission.”

She was in it with every ounce of her soul. She was really committed. Every single day, she would come to set and she would say, ‘We will not stand for abuse. And we stand with Lifetime in that commitment to stopping violence against women.’

She was a true advocate. She really, genuinely wasn’t just there to do a movie or collect a paycheck. She really felt committed to the mission and drawing the spotlight to difficult topics like human trafficking.

Director Elisabeth Röhm and Anne Heche, used with Lifetime's permission

Director Elisabeth Röhm and Anne Heche, used with Lifetime’s permission

Is Girl In Room 13 Anne Heche’s Last Movie?

Many Lifetime fans are wondering if Girl In Room 13 is Anne Heche’s last movie. According to IMDb, this is not. Before her death, she filmed other projects.

One of those projects is the series, The Idol. This also stars Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd, Dan Levy, Tyson Ritter, and Hank Azaria. This will premiere on HBO in November.

In addition, the movie Full Ride which Anne Heche starred in with Dermot Mulroney will be released in 2023.

Anne Heche with Joey Lawrence, Samantha Cope, Andrew Lawrence-
Anne Heche with Joey Lawrence, Samantha Cope, Andrew Lawrence-

However, her final movie was Frankie Meets Jack, which wrapped up a month before she died. This stars Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope, directed by Andrew Lawrence.

Unless Frankie Meets Jack is destined for Lifetime, Girl In Room 13 is Anne Heche’s last movie with Lifetime.

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