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Tori Roloff Sends Cry For Help, Fans Shocking Response

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Little People, Big World fans are urging Tori Roloff to get over herself after her latest cry for help on her Instagram Stories. On Reddit as well as multiple social media platforms, fans are rolling their eyes as Tori continues to act like the only parent on the planet to struggle with three children. What did Tori post recently that sent fans over the edge?

Tori Roloff struggles to get any sleep

The TLC personality is realizing that three small children make it nearly impossible for her to get any sleep. Tori shared a photo of Josiah Roloff with some drool drops dribbling down his face as she wrote of her struggles in a caption she attached to the photo. In the caption, she noted that she was having an “unbelievably hard” time right now. She continued to explain that she was suffering from extreme sleep deprivation and that she was not alright.

LPBW Tori Roloff Youtube
LPBW Tori Roloff Youtube

Tori proceeded to explain her incredible husband Zach offered to be on child duty all night. He “gifted” her the opportunity to sleep by herself. This way she could get a good night of uninterrupted sleep and get to a place where she felt better.

While she was happy he husband was kind enough to give her this opportunity, it didn’t make her feel better. Tori explained she slipped into a place where she was feeling extreme mom guilt. And, she hoped she would be able to move past it and get some sleep.

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LPBW fans are over her complaining

On Reddit, fans constantly bash Tori for acting like she’s the only person to have three small children. Likewise, fans are sick of hearing her complain about how much sleep she lacks. Fans point out that Tori and Zach have more than enough money to hire help with the children. Likewise, Matt and Amy have both made it clear they would help with the children.

It was Zach and Tori who shut out Matt and Caryn. It was also Zach and Tori who made the decision to move so far away from Amy and Chris. Likewise, it was also Zach and Tori who decided to have a third child so quickly. So, a lot of fans agree they made the bed they are currently in and they need to deal with it.

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Are fans being too hard on Tori Roloff? Or, should she stop complaining about things that are her fault on Instagram? Let us know where you stand on this debate in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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