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Tori Roloff Admits Zach Isn’t Sleeping With Her, What Happened?

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Three weeks ago, Tori Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of her husband Zach’s new sleeping arrangements. The photo revealed he was sleeping on the new swing they had set up outside of their home. Naturally, LPBW fans were pretty quick to point out that Tori Roloff had essentially kicked Zach out of the house.

In the past 24 hours, Tori Roloff has taken to Instagram again. This time, she’s revealed that — once again — she and her husband Zach are not sleeping together. What is causing this couple not to share a bed this time?

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Tori Roloff sleeps alone, where is Zach?

Presumably, Tori, her husband Zach, and their son Josiah spend a lot of time sleeping in the same room. It, however, is questionable how much sleep Tori actually gets. As anyone with multiple children knows, if it isn’t one child that keeps you awake — it is the other one. In this case, Tori has three children who can take turns keeping her awake at night.

Tori Roloff revealed that her husband Zach “gifted” her the opportunity to sleep alone. Despite being kid-free for the night, Tori admits she found herself looking at photos of her children on her phone. She added that mom’s guilt was a real thing and it was making it hard for her to focus on sleeping.

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Suffering from sleep deprivation, Tori Roloff felt like she wasn’t being the best mom she could be for her children by needing Zach to take over so she could get some sleep. So, Zach and Tori not sleeping together wasn’t any sort of crisis. Zach was likely sleeping in a different room so he could tend to the children and allow Tori to sleep.

Fortunately, Tori later updated that sleeping alone did her a lot of good as she was able to get seven hours of quality sleep. She bragged that it was amazing what seven solid hours of sleep could do for someone that wasn’t used to getting much sleep.

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Fans worry the couple won’t return to television

Recent Instagram activity actually has LPBW fans worried social media updates will be the only way they can keep tabs on Tori Roloff and her adorable family. As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans suspected the couple was quitting the show after one of Tori’s partnerships referred to her as someone who WAS on TLC’s LPBW. The alarming post suggested the couple was no longer part of the show.

Do you think it is sweet that Zach Roloff took over with the children so Tori could get some sleep? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Little People, Big World.

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  1. This is just all way to silly & mundane. These folks attempt to make drama out of drivel. There are folks around the world 🌎 experiencing real trauma and heartache.

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