‘SW’ Preview: Kody Brown Gets Dissed, Janelle Stands With Son

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Kody Brown says his son Garrison is a narcissist in the newest Sister Wives sneak preview. Why did Kody call his son with Janelle a narcissist? Keep reading and scroll down to check out the preview.

Kody Brown calls his son Garrison a narcissist

The Sister Wives preview for this week’s episode kicked off with Kody Brown telling the cameras he received a phone call from his son Garrison. He explained that Garrison’s narcissistic attitude was in full bloom during the phone call. While the clip didn’t explain exactly what Garrison was upset about, fans know Janelle’s children are very close to Christine. After all, Christine just recently enjoyed a steak and wine dinner date with Hunter. So, fans can only assume Garrison is upset that Christine Brown is leaving the family and moving away. Perhaps, Garrison is blaming Kody for running Christine off.

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Kody tells the camera that after getting the disrespectful phone call from his son he calls up Janelle and tells her that he wants Gabe and Garrison to move out. The scene cuts to Janelle who can’t help but laugh at the idea of Kody telling her what to do with HER house. Janelle points out that it is HER name on the lease and she will decide who does and doesn’t live at her house.

TLC father furious Janelle picks the kids over him

Last season, Kody Brown also requested Janelle Brown kick the boys out of the house because they refused to follow COVID rules. Kody explained he wanted to come to the house and be with her. He, however, couldn’t because the boys had no respect for the COVID rules. Janelle Brown made it clear that she would always pick her children over him. So, she put her foot down and it frustrated him that he wasn’t the most important person to her.

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Janelle Brown admits that her children aren’t happy with the way things are. She, however, gets just what she needs from her husband. And, she has him right where she wants him.

Check out the preview to see Kody call his son a narcissist down below:

Will you be tuning in to this week’s new episode of Sister Wives? Are you surprised Kody Brown would boldly call his son a narcissist? Let us know in the comments down below. And, come back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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  1. they our actors they get paid to act that way they have actor cards, Robin needs to
    use some hot peppers to make her eyes water next time ,Kody not a god Can Kody name all the kids birthday now that would be a start Hope this is the Last year !(Name
    one time Kody was a role model for Kids

  2. it is unlikely that I’ll watching Sister wives. As far as I am concerned Cody Brown fits all of the criteria for narcissistic personality disorder.
    I find the camaraderie between the wives Interesting and enjoyable. I also appreciate their deep love and concern for all of their children!

  3. Another case of Kody the fool, too stupid to get that he doesn’t matter.
    He doesn’t financially support any of these intelligent single Mothers.
    This is just the ASSHAT Pop, calling his son a name, he himself probably can’t spell.
    End the joke Janelle, kick his balding ass to the curb..Find a REAL man, have a true marriage.

    1. Kody is the supreme narcissist personality here. I stand with level headed Janelle. While Kody behaves like an exalted spoiled child, Janelle offers her children a level headed mature approach to parent and handling life.

  4. I think janelle is write he wouldn’t tell my children to get out while I’m on here I feel sorry for meri he can’t be with meri but she divorce him so he cud adopt robyn kids nothing again the children and robyn cgriffin

      1. Uhhh…. My deep suspicion is that this divorce was never Meri’s idea, but Kody’s, pitched to her off camera but sold to the public as if this was her selfless act.

        …rather than Kody’s selfish one.

        It was a good sale except that Meri was grieving her position as the legal first wife too much to convince me that this was ever her idea to begin with. I strongly suspect that he put her up to this. ….and then cast her aside.

        We both know that Kody initiates EVERYTHING with his wife and concubines.

  5. Wow! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Kody is one of the most narcissistic individual second only to Trump I have ever seen. Robin should get sole custody of him. She deserves it.

      1. you are absolutely right, it makes me sick and mad bc people can’t have a conversation about anything anymore without someone, bring up our great President TRUMP. as they say, Donald Trump, syndrome,

  6. Kody can’t see that this has nothing to do with his insane covid rules! He has been devoting all his time to Robin and her children for Years..he is a horrible example of a nurturing father except to Robins kids..my goodness he wouldn’t climb off Robin long enough to be there for Ysabel..I hope Ysabel can forgive him because I would find it hard..Kody you have 1 wife 1 best friend 1 hanger oner and 1 independent free from your crap Christine who I think is going to make someone very lucky…..

  7. Classic gaslighting on Kody’s part. He is the narcissist and I don’t blame Jenelle’s boys at all. Aren’t Robyn’s adult children still living at the home?
    Last episode, Kody complained that Christine didn’t seem to be doing anything—and certainly wasn’t cooking. She cooked for years for the entire family—and it seems he wanted her to cook for his and Robyn’s “family” too. I’m glad she broke free, but hope she gets some kind of financial settlement for raising 12 kids so the other wives could work all those years. Kody always seemed to have the best car, best clothes, best watches and gifts—ughhh

  8. Narcissists typically project their own behavior onto others. Kody has become more and more of a jerk.

    Robin is the only wife he has affection for. His other wives have all been set out to pasture.

    He has completely rejected Mary and Christine because they became unhappy in their empty relationships with Kody. Kody wants his wives to be selfless and obediant.

  9. The king of narcissism calling his son a narcissist is rich. I am thrilled to see the rebellion in the family. It is time they start SAYING he prefers Sobbing and they are tired of it. Got a reel ng he will get out in his place a lot this season

  10. Everyone knows Kody only cares about Kody! Robyn is the Queen ruler of Kody…she sheds a tear and he boughs down to her. But someday soon he will find a younger wife (although I wonder who is that desperate) and Robyn will be crying a new song! The butt kissing to Kody is disgusting and makes women look stupid. Meri needs to see her worth, Janelle needs to follow Christine’s path and kick Kody to the curb and I just do not feel sorry for Robyn! Ohhhh and my kids would always come first over a husband that contributes nothing!

  11. FINALLY FINALLY!! They are admitting what we have already known Kody prefers Robin and her children over all the others. He keeps the others hanging on because he doesn’t want to work or probably has never and needs their income . Someone has to pay the housekeeper he and Robin have.

  12. As a true narcissist, cody blames everyone else for doing what he himself does. He’s the victim in every scenario. He has alienated his children, no excuse. The world does not revolve around him as he thinks. Wives support or they’d be close to homeless. This person has zero respect and love for himself only. Robyn is fake and and all went downhill when she came on board.
    The only two worth watching and cheering for are Christine and Janelle. Meri lives in a fog, hope she comes awake soon.
    Sometimes wonder if this show is all scripted. No one lives like this on purpose. Geez…

  13. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. He’s a real piece of work. For sure he’s the biggest narcissist I have ever seen other than Donald Trump as someone else mentioned. The wives, Janelle and Mary need to kick him to the curb. Let Robin be obedient and subservient.

  14. Janell should go with Christine Kody into Robyn only wants her she wasting her time she has great kids & Christine does too Mary lost .Kody needs those ladies for the $$ to pay Robyn nanny that gave them Covid where Janell nanny or Christine both of Robyn older kids should be on their own in an apt so should Kooky Kody selfish fake Robyn she don’t fool me If Janell leaves Kody won’t care Meri too but won’t he get 3 more wives then Robyn OUT😂😂😂

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