‘Sister Wives’ Fans Disgusted Over Kody Brown’s Latest Attack

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Kody Brown very boldly calls his son Garrison a narcissist in the latest Sister Wives preview released by TLC. In response to the preview, Sister Wives fans are surprised he would so boldly call his children such a horrible name on camera for the world to see. Fans, however, are even more baffled as to why Kody Brown is so surprised that his children would end up being narcissists. What did fans have to say about this teaser? Check it out and get the details down below.

Kody Brown calls Garrison a narcissist

The TLC father had no hesitation when he called his son Garrison a narcissist on camera for the world to see. Kody explained that his son called him and immediately came at him with tons of attitude on the phone. He said that Garrison blamed him for everything that was going on. The clip did not clarify what exactly Garrison was blaming him for. The details, however, will likely be made more clear during this week’s episode.

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Check out the clip to see exactly what Kody said down below:

Sister Wives fans think he should open his eyes

Fans of Sister Wives are understandably disgusted that Kody Brown thought it was acceptable to go on television and bad mouth his children. Fans, however, were also surprised. They were surprised that Kody Brown had the nerve to complain about his children being narcissists. Fans quickly urged Kody to look in the mirror because if his children were narcissists they had to learn it from somewhere.

“It’s interesting to hear Kody talk about the boys’s narcissistic behaviors. Where do you think they learned it Kody? Certainly not from Janelle!” One fan penned in a comment liked over 2,000 times by other fans who agreed with it.

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A few fans admitted they were absolutely gutted for Garrison and Gabe. They couldn’t believe Kody would talk about them in such a manner on television.

Another fan chimed in: “The kids see him for what he is. They’ve felt this way for a very long time. They are defending their mom and each other. Once again Kody wants them out because they challenged him. Janelle isn’t going to let that happen. Good for her. She’s choosing her children. Why should she choose Kody when he doesn’t choose her?”

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

A third fan added: “You do not kick your children out when they confront your behavior. You use what they have said to you as a mirror to see what you are doing in life that is hurting the ones you love. Kody needs the boys to move out bc they gave him a huge dose of truth and it does not taste very good. He is the Narcissist everything has to be about him. It is unbelievable that he did not hug Gabe out at Coyote pass that day. UNBELIEVABLE!”

Sister Wives fans agreed that what Kody Brown really needed was to take a look in the mirror because he was the true narcissist in the family.

How do you feel about Kody calling his son a narcissist on camera? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for Sister Wives news, gossip, and fan chatter.

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  1. Kody you are the narsasist.you are ugly with your attitude.If I were married to your ass I would have left you years ago. I really don’t think you got into ballgame is the idea of having the women in your life.and in your bed made you like a real man didn’t it?and hurting your children with names, who the hell are you,look in a mirror. Ugly man.

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