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‘Life After Lockup’: Marcelino Santiago Lands In Hospital

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Life After Lockup star Marcelino Santiago has not had the best season so far. Now it appears his life is not getting much better. The reality star shared a photo of himself in a hospital bed. Marcelino looked less than thrilled to be there but what brought him in and is he okay? Read on for more details.

A Life After Lockup Tricky Situation

Marcelino has struggled to make things work with his wife, Brittany for the last two seasons of the show. Fans have actually grown tired of their storyline or lack thereof. Now, the husband and father took to his Instagram to share that he was in the hospital. He did not explain why plus he turned off all comments. As for the picture he posted, Marcelino was clearly unamused by his stay. He looked pensive and actually lonely while wearing sunglasses in the bed.

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His wife, Brittany did not post anything about Marcelino on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts which is a tad suspicious. However, after the drama that has ensued this season between the couple, this makes sense. Plus, a new episode airs tonight. So, even if the couple is back on track, they might have to keep up the front that they are on thin ice.

The Status of Marcelino & Brittany

This season of Life After Lockup has been really rough for the Santiagos. Last year, they were trying to bring back the spark to their marriage. So, Brittany proposed that her ex-girlfriend, Amanda come into their bedroom. Unfortunately, that seemed to bring more harm than good. Now, Brittany is working on becoming a successful real estate agent meaning Marcelino has to tend to the kids more. Sadly, he is not all for this. He starts to disappear which is cause for concern and then it gets a lot worse.

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Brittany learns that Marcelino sent Amanda inappropriate pics of himself but she never told Brittany. He now has to face his wife but she is fuming at Amanda. So much so that she goes to her place of business and after trying to talk to her, she knocks Amanda out. Show security intervenes but there is no telling where this marriage will lead. In Brittany’s mind, it’s over but is it really?

What do you think will happen between the two? Plus, what do you think is wrong with Marcelino? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.


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