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‘600-Lb. Life’: Lacey B. Drops Over 100 Pounds, See Update

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Lacey B. definitely made a lasting impression on My 600-Lb. Life fans. Many viewers can’t forget her Season 10 episode where her boyfriend Ricky broke up with her and then left her at a gas station while on the way to see Dr. Now.

It’s been nearly a year since My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 aired and fans would love to have an update on Lacey B. The good news is that she maintains a very public social media presence, so it’s not hard to find information on her. Keep reading to learn more about her recent weight loss.

Lacey B. teases a significant weight loss on social media

When fans last left Lacey Buckingham at the end of her episode, she really hadn’t made much progress. But to be fair, she really was dealing with quite a bit on her plate.

Since her episode ended, she went on to have other significant health issues. Lacey B. keeps a public Facebook profile for fans that want to follow her journey. Sadly, it seems like she wasn’t feeling well last month.

“Just wanted to stop and say a big thank you for all the prayers and support. It’s a huge help. I would love to give a great bear hug to you all,” the TLC personality wrote on social media back in August. “As of right now I am taking it easy. I have a fractured left foot and both feet have bruises. Been on my feet a lot lately. Also I found out I have a fractured T5 and T6 in spine. All of today  I haven’t felt like myself. #prayersforhealing welcome.”

Lacey B. from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC
Lacey Buckingham/My 600-Lb. Life

But the good news is that it appears she’s making progress on her weight loss journey. This week, Lacey revealed she’s actually lost more than 100 lbs in a year.

Lacey B. from My 600-Lb. Life, Facebook
Lacey Buckingham/Facebook

Lacey doesn’t share many photos of herself online, so it’s hard to tell if she looks much different. So far, she tends to only upload photos of herself from the shoulders up. Either way, fans are excited to hear that she’s headed in the right direction.

The My 600-Lb. Life star moves on and finds romance with someone new

In addition to the weight loss, it appears that she also has a new boyfriend. On her public profile, she says that his name is Dennis and they met in May. Lacey B. hasn’t shared much about Dennis yet, but they appear to be quite happy together.

Lacey B. from My 600-Lb. Life, Facebook
Lacey Buckingham/Facebook

There are several reasons why fans say they have trouble watching Lacey’s episode. But they really didn’t like it when her boyfriend left her on the side of the road and took off. Hopefully, Dennis treats her much better.

After her disastrous episode, it seems like Lacey B. is finally on the right track and living a much happier life these days. Fans would love to see it all play out on an episode of Where Are They Now.

Check back for more information on My 600-Lb. Life guests. Many of them are more than happy to share weight loss updates with fans, so stay tuned for more information. Stay tuned for the latest update.

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