Janelle Brown Reveals Truth About Why She Stays With Kody

Janelle brown - Kody Bron - Sister Wives - Youtube

Christine Brown is the first to defend Janelle as her adult children give her grief about her marriage in a preview from this week’s episode of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Preview: Christine Brown sticks up for Janelle

Christine Brown is done with Kody Brown, but she loves Janelle. So, it came as no surprise that she was quick to defend Janelle’s relationship with Kody even if she doesn’t understand it. Christine Brown has made it crystal clear that unless she had a relationship with Kody similar to what Robyn, she doesn’t want him anymore.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

As the drama between Janelle, Kody, and their adult children unfolded, Christine chimed in to give her thoughts on it. For starters, Christine reassured fans that she has asked Janelle time and time again if she was really happy in the relationship she had with Kody. According to Christine, Janelle has repeatedly assured her that she is happy and gets what she needs from Kody.

Janelle and Kody Brown - YouTube
Janelle and Kody Brown – YouTube

Janelle Brown’s children, however, do not like the marriage she has. They believe Kody Brown favors Robyn and they don’t think he gives their mother the attention she deserves.

Watch Christine Brown defend Janelle’s relationship with Kody in the preview down below:

Janelle Brown is happy with Kody

Janelle Brown tells the cameras that she tells Kody what she needs from him and he “does a good job” of giving her exactly what she needs from him. She adds that she has an “adequate” relationship with Kody and it doesn’t really matter to her what other people think of her relationship or what other people want for her. All that matters to Janelle is that she is happy.

Likewise, Janelle was quick to tell the cameras she thinks it is “hilarious” that Kody Brown attempts to control her household. Janelle points out that HER name is the only name on the lease and only she will decide whether she wants to kick her boys out of her house.

Janelle brown - Youtube

Sister Wives fans hope Christine Brown can convince Janelle to leave Kody one day as they think she’ll be much happier that way. Perhaps, however, Janelle and Kody have something the fans just don’t get to see.

Were you surprised Christine defended Janelle’s relationship with Kody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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