Janelle Brown Comes Clean About What Robyn Has With Kody

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TLC dropped a teaser for this week’s episode of Sister Wives and it features Janelle Brown sharing her real thoughts on Kody and Robyn’s relationship. How does Janelle Brown feel about how their relationship differs from the one she has with her husband?

Janelle Brown shares thoughts on Robyn and Kody

Getting candid with the cameras, Janelle Brown admits that while everyone seems to think she deserves better and more from Kody, she simply doesn’t want it. Janelle Brown is not blind. She can see that Kody favors Robyn. He spends tons of time at her house and he’s always with her children. Janelle, however, is a strong and independent woman who likes to do her own things. She lives to travel and live life.

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Janelle, Robyn

More to the point, Janelle Brown thinks everyone needs to realize that she knows what she needs from Kody. More to the point, she’s communicated what she needs from Kody to Kody. And, she continues to explain that Kody was happy to give her exactly what she needs from him. The clear communication she has with him about her wants and needs is why their relationship works.

sw Kody Brown - Janelle Brown Youtube
sw Kody Brown – Janelle Brown Youtube

Putting it bluntly, Janelle Brown has eyes. She can see what Kody and Robyn have. In this sneak preview, she very clearly says that she does NOT want the same relationship with Kody that Robyn has because she’s happy with what she has.

Check out the Sister Wives preview down below and see what you think about Janelle’s thoughts:

Her children aren’t happy with the situation

According to both Christine and Janelle, Janelle’s children have had issues with Kody for years. They don’t like the way he favors Robyn and they can’t stand the way he treats their mother. Moreover, they wanted what any other child wanted growing up. They wanted to spend time with their father. And, this was something they didn’t feel like they got enough of.

Janelle Brown’s boys have both made it clear they blame Kody for Christine leaving. And, it doesn’t sound like it is something they are willing to get over or move past. So, Janelle is stuck in a sticky situation. She loves her husband and she’s happy with what they have. She, however, isn’t going to abandon her children simply because Kody asks her to.

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What do you think about Janelle claiming she doesn’t want what Robyn and Kody have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. why would she want to support Kody, he’s such a looser. love Janelle but I wish she would follow Christine’s lead and leave that looser.

    1. me too. why would she who is smarter and a thinking person want to be around robyn who is shallow and kody who has one thought that being him and how he looks. get out and. live your life fred of the jerk. take meri with you

    2. If she is happy with her relationship with kody then her kids need to accept that.They are young adults. But kody needs to reach out to each of his children and reconnect. That is the disadvantage of a plural marriage. The children lack a good solid relationship with the father which they have with their mother and at times other sister wives.

  2. I think Janelle is fine being his buddy and getting his help occasionally but her kids will come first. Let’s see how that goes.
    Mary is the cash cow but she is getting smarter all the time. She is just stuck with no other family.
    Robyn actually has the most money somehow but she likes the dream of lots of kids, stay home, have one more, put up with Kody as she was trained, and carry on.
    Christine should have her own show. I like watching her grow.

  3. I’m disappointed in Cody for the way he treats his wives and children. Cody and Robyn are such hypocrites and don’t think they should be held to the same standards as the other.
    The best part of being a viewer is we see everything. Very enlightening. I don’t watch anymore. It’s not enjoyable anymore. Too much drama

    1. NO, we do not see everything, it’s a reality show, and is there to entertain us, unless we know a couple of them personally, how on earth do you believe you know so much? What we probably know is, most women would never be okay with her man sleeping with sleeping with three other women. Many women would be upset, or even jealous of a woman talking too much to her husband. Jenelle and Christine complained about Kody spending too much time with Robyn, so why didn’t they believe that at some point that Kody would care more for one than the other? They became jealous of Robyn, talked about her to each other, and to their children, because they knew that he cared more for her than for them, how could they be so silly?Jenell has lost one of her children, when will she take a break from the foolishness that’s on the show

  4. hi I think all the older children kody’s real children.. should pull together and .. SUE THE CRAB OUT OF KODY FOR CHILD SUPPORT…… we all know the mother’s raise and support $$$$$$$ the children..

    let kody support his children $$$$$

  5. Kody the Ugly just uses his wives for his financial benefit. Christine the healthy one has left. Janelle is satisfied with Kody the Ugly and Meri has some mental problems. Sobbin Robyn will leave as soon as TLC shut this fraudulent show down. Hope it is soon.

  6. If Kody wants to stay with Robyn then let him. Maybe they deserve each other. By the way, what is going on with Robyn’s eyebrows? they have always looked terrible and getting worse each show. If Janelle is happy with Kody, than I’m happy for her and since she loves Flagstaff and doesn’t plan on leaving then they will probably stay together. So happy Christine left, I wish her only the best. Merri on the other hand needs counseling. Kody can barely stand the sight of her and will never love her again the way she wants, he’s made that clear over and over. So why would anyone in their right mind put up with that?!

      1. Agreed about Robyn’s eyebrows. Who does them for TV ? Or for personal show ? They look as if she has 2 woolly worms on her face !

        1. I think now that Robyn is Kody’s fave she can finally be herself and let all her inner ugliness bubble to the surface. To me there is nothing more repulsive than that.

    1. Cody actually said “That if Mary wanted to just leave and go live at her B&B, he would support that completely.” DEAR MERI, WAKE UP!!!! HE WOULDN’T HAVE TO SUGGEST THAT I MOVE TWICE!!! GOOOOO GIRL, GROW A BACKBONE!!!! HE CLEARLY WANTS YOU GONE, WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY AND SELF ESTEEM?????

  7. I agree. cancel the show. Cody needs to go. better yet get rid of Cody and keep the sister wives. they can do so much better without the so call husband. he’s such an arrogant butt head. I stopped watching because of him. you go girl Christine. loved how you packed him up. go live your life…finally. hope the others follow suit.

    1. Merri s problem stared when Robin had Cody divorce Merri to merry her so unfair to Merri he should divorce Robin so they can all be in the same BOAT .Merri should still be the FIRST wife not Robin

  8. kody has his wives well trained or so he thinks. he is a naccissitical tyrant. he punishes them by withholding his affections if they dont behave according to his standards…..look at what he did to Meri and Christine. Robyn has seen that so she tows the line to remain in his good books. Meri is only close to Robyn so that she remains in kodys eyesight.

  9. Kody & Robin deserves each other,all that matters to them is everyone do things their way kody doesn’t care about his kids,it’s all about Robin’s kids,and why when merit let Robin marry kody legaly,why when adoption was done merit didn’t get to get her marriage back I imagine kody wouldn’t do it truth be known he wants to be married to robin!!

  10. I hope all wives leave Cody,even Robyn….Get him for all he has and leave the show,which I stopped watching years ago..Why do women not stand for themselves and stop this abuse.Who wants to share their mate and bring all these kids into this kind of situation.Too many kids and wives,they will eventually all suffer sooner or later,as we now see…

    1. Except one, those there are not his wives, they are just woman who made a CHOICE to sleep, and have multiple children with him. They knew for years that he was not giving them what they wanted, but THEY chose to stay, none of them said that they were forced to remain in a relationship without love, respect, or anything close to what they wanted. It might be the women who want to blame Kody for everything had a negative relationship with a man, and is angry, I see no reason to lay all the blame on Kody. Those three women caused women to look silly and weak. Just stopping in a relationship with any man willing to lay up with three other women at the same time!!!!

  11. Is anyone else besides me, kinda mad that this show runs a whole year behind? I wish they would treat it like most shows and only have a couple three months off between seasons.
    It leads to things like the marital children coming out to social media and spilling the beans we can already see coming…. In addition, it makes for a seriously long waiting game to see what we all already know….. Frustrated with Koty, and TLC.

  12. Cody thinks he’s all that but he’s not and that’s just being truthful he’s unforgiving he doesn’t forgive that’s why he’s not tried to make his marriage work with Mary Mary needs counseling to get her out of this relationship this is because all she’s really not in a relationship other than with Robin maybe she needs to Robin need to divorce Cody and Mary Mary I think it was very selfish of Robin to look at her and say stick it out with me knowing knowing that Cody is telling you that he does not want that kind of relationship with her but yet you’re selfish enough because you are begging her not to leave too and fight for what for Cody he’s not worth the air you breathe

  13. Robyn knows she gets all the attention and benefits by staying, Janelle is strong enough to break away if she wants to, she really isn’t interested in Mr. Know anyway, who would be if you have an ounce of self respect. Meri is only tolerated for the income she provides and has nobody else to rely on, another catfish would be a welcome relationship at this point. Even the kids have been able to see through his B.S. controlling self centered ways. Go Christine, be free, be happy and enjoy your kids and your life away from this chain around your neck. My hope is that Janelle isn’t far behind you, she’s getting there. You two stay close and enjoy your children that the two of you have raised. Good luck 👍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

    1. Yes, Christine, Jenelle should have left before damaging their children, but they stayed for YEARS, and I don’t believe that they were forced. why blame hime for your unhappiness?.

  14. cody is the worse kind of man, kind of a drama queen.Does he have a job? Janelle, please leave him, you deserve so much more. And yes…..Robyn should do something with those eyebrows and quit the pity act.

  15. where can I watch back episodes of this love it would live to know does kody work or is he supported by wives seems to be

    1. Not much is known about where or if Kody works. You can watch all seasons of Sister wives on Apple TV you just have to pay for each episode. Each episode varies in price. The highest price I saw for a whole season is $14.99

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