‘Good Morning America’ Robin Roberts Talks Addiction & Setbacks

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Every Thursday Robin Roberts shares an uplifting post for “Thankful Thursday” with her Good Morning America fans and followers. This week, Robin got vulnerable in her video about recent struggles she’s been dealing with. Keep reading to see what the GMA star said in her latest video.

Robin Roberts Opens Up About Past Struggles

Robin Roberts shared a post with her followers wishing them all a happy “Friday-eve.” The video posted along with her message was meant to be inspiring. She talked about overcoming past struggles and persevering.

However, this Thursday’s morning message and prayer seemed to be as much for Robin as it was for her fans. “We are facing things that are trying to push us down today,” Roberts said in the video posted to Twitter. She continued saying that your thoughts will tell you that you won’t get well, that you’ll never financially recover, and that you’ll always struggle with this addiction.

Robin Roberts Thankful Thursday video snapshot - Good Morning America - Twitter/Robin Roberts

Credit: Twitter/Robin Roberts

Looking at the camera, Robin urged her followers not to listen to that voice. Instead, adopt a positive attitude and have faith. “No more saying ‘it’s never going to change.’ rather you need to say, with the apostle Paul, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside of me,” Roberts said.

She went on to say that nothing can keep you from your purpose in life. “No pandemic, no setback, no layoff,” she said. “You know why? Because the pit is not your destiny. Get ready to rise!” After she had a moment to talk to her followers and address what was on her mind, she began to say a prayer thanking God for the ability to get through these setbacks. Of course, she wrapped the video up by asking everyone to share what they are thankful for.

Good Morning America Fans Touched By Her Honesty

Fans know that Robin is well-known for posting inspirational content like this, but her message this week seemed to resonate with some more than others. In fact, people seem to be genuinely touched by her vulnerability and honesty. More than that, they found her message relatable and were motivated by her honesty.

Robin Roberts on GMA set - Good Morning America - YouTube/Good Morning America

Credit: YouTube/Good Morning America

“I am no longer on all those pills and I’m able to be active today. I am no longer existing, I’m living!” one person Tweeted in response. Other individuals hopped in to share what they were thankful for this week. Many people expressed gratitude for Robin herself because they needed the reminder that the feeling of defeat won’t last forever.

Robin Roberts regularly shares inspirational content on social media with her followers, but you can also see her throughout the week on Good Morning AmericaGMA airs on weekdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. EST on ABC.

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