Could This Country Singer Be Savannah Chrisley’s Next Boyfriend?

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Savannah Chrisley made it a point to clarify the sexy country boy singing to her on stage while the audience threw money at them was NOT her boyfriend. Likewise, she was quick to defend her actions with him noting that “even Christians get freaky.” Some fans thought it was a bit rude and self-centered of Savannah to clarify he wasn’t her boyfriend. This is because some fans thought she was suggesting she was too good for him. It, however, is much more likely Savannah made this clarification because she can’t pose or do anything fun with a man on her Instagram profile without fans assuming he was her boyfriend.

Savannah Chrisley [USA Network | YouTube]
[USA Network | YouTube]
Could this particular country singer be good boyfriend material? Chrisley Knows Best fans were certainly ready to support the relationship when he slid into the comments of her post. Many fans admitted they were already shipping the couple and hoped they would give it a shot. Which country singer is it that fans think Savannah Chrisley should try dating? Keep reading for the details.


Should this country singer be Savannah Chrisley’s next boyfriend?

Christopher J. Essex was the name of the country singer on stage with Savannah in the video clip. The singer slid into the comments of Savannah’s post. He chimed in on having a wonderful time with her on stage despite not being her boyfriend.

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“Well we may not be dating but it was fun to sing to you on stage. Can’t wait to see what they show of the rest of the show though,” he penned in his comment.

In response to his comment, some fans admitted they thought it was a bit rude for Savannah to feel the need to clarify she was not dating him. Others, however, encouraged him to shoot his shot as they thought this country singer and Savannah would make an adorable couple.

One fan noted the two should definitely consider dating. Another chimed in that they were rooting for the two to give dating a chance. Some fans even agreed it would be nice to see Savannah date someone new as opposed to going back to dating Nic Kerdiles time and time again.

Could this country singer be good boyfriend material for Savannah? What do you think? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best.

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