‘Welcome to Plathville’ What Does Barry Plath Do For A Job?

Barry Plath on Welcome to Plathville

Welcome to Plathville are seeing some big changes taking place on the show, and in the Plath family’s lives. This has caused some to look at the family members and wonder what they do outside of the reality TV world. That includes Barry Plath.

Fans might know Barry Plath best for Welcome to Plathville, but he has a regular job as well, and here is what you need to know.

What does Barry Plath do for a living?

Fans got to know Barry Plath thanks to the reality TV show Welcome to Plathville, but he also has a job outside his reality TV income. Barry has a LinkedIn account, and on that social media account, he has a job listed. Barry is the Senior Transportation Planner at URS Corporation, and he has had that job for over 25 years.

URS Corporation operations remain affiliated with AECOM. That is a premier, fully integrated professional and technical services firm positioned to design, build, finance, and operate infrastructure assets around the world for public- and private-sector clients. As for the URS Corporation, it is a civil engineering company.

Barry Plath on Welcome to Plathville

As for Barry, his job as a Senior Transportation Planner works in the project management of multi-disciplinary transportation projects and leads the transportation projects. This job starts at $98.7K a year, with an upper starting rate of $125K. With 25 years of experience, Barry Plath makes a nice salary at this job.

Outside of URS Corporation/AECOM, Barry also worked on his 55-acre farm along with his Welcome to Plathville family. At one time, he also toured with his Plath family band to churches and other venues, but they have not performed concerts in a few years. Finally, Barry makes a bit of money from Welcome to Plathville, which is likely the biggest source of his income.

What is happening on Welcome to Plathville?

Sadly, things in his home life are not going as well for Barry. After 24 years of marriage, Barry and Kim Plath announced their separation in June 2022. They released a joint statement that month that said they made this tough decision after a long marriage and raising their kids. Furthermore, they also said they plan to co-parent their children.

This entire storyline played out on Welcome to Plathville Season 4, and they announced it on the reality TV show on the June 7 episode. Last month, rumors arose that Kim Plath had already found a new man and was moving on with her life. Barry also posed for a photo with some of his kids and showed up some new muscles as he seems to be moving on with his life as well.

Are you surprised that Barry Plath has a real job outside his reality TV income? Let us know your thoughts on Welcome to Plathville in the comments below.

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