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‘SW’ Preview: Kody Brown Stripped Of Manhood, Christine’s Fault

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Kody Brown fears what the world (and his other wives) will think of him following Christine’s decision to leave him. Per an exclusive sneak preview posted by People Magazine, Kody Brown admits losing one of his wives stripped him of his manhood and made him feel weak. The TLC patriarch explains he has no desire to talk to anyone about him and Christine splitting up simply because it wasn’t his decision.

Kody Brown fears he’ll look weak and unmanly

The Sister Wives star tells cameras he isn’t looking forward to telling his wives that Christine has decided to leave him. He claims that it doesn’t feel like he’s in a very manly situation. Likewise, he suspects telling people his wife is leaving him will make him look weak.

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As TvShowsAce previously reported, Kody Brown also doesn’t feel as though it is his responsibility to tell anyone anything about the breakup. From his point of view, they are only splitting up because Christine decided she didn’t want to be with him anymore. He claims he wanted her to stay and for them to find a way to fix it and make it work. Christine, however, has made it clear she wants a loving relationship like what Robyn and Kody have together. Moreover, she refuses to have the type of relationship that Kody and Meri share together.


Kody Brown argues that Christine is just looking to save face and make herself look like less of a bad guy in the situation. He argues that Christine is trying to find a way to blame him for the reason they are splitting up. And, that’s why she’s insisting he has to be part of telling the other wives.

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He refuses to shoulder the blame

Kody Brown tells the cameras that he REFUSES to shoulder the blame for his relationship with Christine not working out. He insists her behaviors, her attitude, the way she’s treated people, and the things she’s said are ultimately what caused this relationship to crumble. And, he will not allow her to put any of that blame on him.

Do you find it surprising that Kody Brown refuses to shoulder the blame for his breakup with Christine? Does it surprise you that he worries the world will think he is weak and less of a man because one of his wives left him? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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