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‘Storage Wars’ Dan & Lara Dotson’s Son’s Shooting Update

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Storage Wars auctioneer Dan and Laura Dotson are reflecting on the two-year anniversary of their son, Garrett’s near-death experience. As TvShowsAce reported two years ago, Dan and Laura Dotson’s son Garrett was shot in the chest. What exactly happened to their son two years ago that nearly cost him his life? How is he doing today? Keep reading for the details.

Storage Wars Dan and Laura Dotson Photo by: Maggie Shannon
Storage Wars Dan and Laura Dotson Photo by: Maggie Shannon

Storage Wars: Dan Dotson’s son shot in chest

According to Laura Dotson, her son was walking with his date to a vehicle in Lake Havasu, Arizona when he was shot in the chest. At the time, Laura talked about how relieved she was that her son was able to call 911 after being shot.  The bullet struck a main blood vessel that was connected to Garrett’s heart. His spine was also fractured by the gunshot. The hospital that Garrett was rushed to after being shot was not properly equipped to deal with the situation. Fortunately, he was airlifted to a trauma hospital in Vegas where he could receive proper treatment.

Laura Dotson also revealed she was eternally grateful for the doctor on the aircraft that used their hands to control the bleeding while they transported their son to the trauma hospital. Had the doctor on the aircraft not used his hands to get control of the bleeding, Garrett would have died.

Storage Wars - Lara Dotson - Garrett Dotson - Instagram

Dan Dotson and his wife Laura took to social media and begged for prayers from Storage Wars fans as they waited to see if their son could recover from the incident.

A few days later, as TvShowsAce also reported, Dan Dotson confirmed his son Garrett was doing much better. Likewise, it was also reported that the shooter had been arrested.

Two years have passed and the Storage Wars auctioneer couple will never forget the terror they felt when they nearly lost their son. So, they took to social media to reflect on that day and how grateful they were for every day they still had with their son.

The Storage Wars couple remain thankful

Sharing a few photos of themselves with their son Garrett, Dan and Laura reflected on that terrifying day two years ago and how happy they were to still have their son.

Laura and I are so thankful God spared our son this day, 2 years ago. The shooter was caught, found guilty and sentenced to 10.5 years.”

In the comments, fans appreciated the update on how well Garrett was doing. Likewise, fans were happy to know the shooter was behind bars.

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