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Simon Cowell ‘Ripped Up Schedule’ To Save His Health


Simon Cowell is a very busy man. It seems that whenever he finishes or leaves one project, he is on to the next one. Plus, if he is not judging a series, he’s off producing another. Furthermore, he has a family that he dotes on so he has no downtime. However, his overly packed schedule finally caught up with him and Cowell had to take drastic measures. He is now opening up about how literally tearing up his schedule saved him in more ways than one.

Simon Cowell Rips Up His Schedule For His Health

In August 2020, Cowell suffered a broken back when he fell off of his e-bike, according to Newsweek. He proceeded to fall off of it again not long after though this fall was less severe. However, he was almost paralyzed when he fell the first time. Of course, he maintained his workaholic status, working twenty-hour days. Eventually, for his overall health and happiness, Simon had to slow down. He talked all about it to The Sun after the finale of America’s Got Talent, which aired Wednesday, September 14th. The coach explained that Sundays were always difficult because he would get these extensive schedules.

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He would start to feel like he was back in school and would actually feel sick about his situation. Ultimately, he knew he had to make a change and that meant forgoing a schedule. “I have kind of ripped up my schedule,” Cowell admits. He also likes having more free time which helps to bring about new ideas. ”Something triggered something in my head, a few weeks ago, which I think is the next thing. I am excited my next thing will be something brand new,” he shared.

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More so, Cowell noted that he only wants to move forward. He loves what he has going with AGT and Britain’s Got Talent. Yet, he only wants to see what the future holds. Apparently, he has a lot up his sleeve now that he has much more time on his hands to brainstorm fun and fresh ideas.

A Past Of Success

It seems that everything Simon Cowell touches turns to gold. He was a founding judge and producer on American Idol and was with the show from 2002 until 2016. The series had been revamped but is still a hit to this day. He also produced and created The X Factor UK, which he judged, as well. This also applies to AGT and BGT. Therefore, it will be no surprise if his next genius idea is an amazing success. As for what it will be, that is yet to be seen. Hopefully, he keeps living a slower life and sticks to a good path to health.

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