‘NCIS’ Season 20 Will Venture Into New Romance Territory

NCIS Pictured: Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight and Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer. Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Now into its 20th season, NCIS is mixing things up. There is going to be a big change in the way they show an office romance. Viewers will be surprised.

Moreover, the series showrunner has made it clear that this will not be another Tiva or Ellick. What should fans expect?

Here is the latest news on the run-up to the September 19 NCIS season premiere and crossover.

NCIS Season 20 Going Down New Romance Path

NCIS is going to go into Season 20 with a different sort of romance. We know that Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) started as a plus-one wedding “date.” However, this season may prove to be something more.

TVLine spoke to Steven D. Binder, the showrunner of the long-running CBS series about the future of this emerging couple.

His first promise is that this will not be a repeat of #Tiva. Moreover, this is a relationship that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) fans have dreamed of seeing return and reunite on screen. Nor will it be #Ellick, which saw some sparks between Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Binder admits that “they were just in denial, and we’d play with it now and again and never did anything with it. Fans are well aware of that!” Instead, these two, who we shall call #Jimmica, will be more open about their relationship.

“We didn’t want to go down the same road we went down before. Instead, we wanted it to play out more realistically — two people at work, who actually having feelings towards each other, and they’re not being so coy about it.”

The plan is to take these two opposites and put them two together. Binder reminds viewers that “Jimmy’s been out of the game for a while, how you imagine Knight has been all over the game.”

This could be pretty fun.

NCIS Pictured: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer and Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
NCIS Pictured: Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer and Katrina Law as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Will New Romance Get Into Hallmark Territory?

One component of this Jesse and Jimmy romance is that Katrina Law has been in several beloved Hallmark movies like Snow Bride. The very versatile Law, a black belt in Taekwondo, can dish out a lashing in one of her infamous action scenes as well as flirt through 126 minutes of those wholesome movies.

Although the Christmas With The Darlings star has not discussed her romance onscreen, one of her fellow  Hallmark stars, Luke Macfarlane has revealed before his big screen movie, Bros, that “Hallmark has given me a lot of flirting lessons.”

In addition, he shared that “It’s fun to play that energy on camera where relationships are at their best in those early times.”

We can just begin to imagine that Special Agent Jessica Knight will take the lead in this romance and maybe fans of the CBS series will actually get a real romance on screen.

When Does NCIS Season 20 Premiere?

The premiere of NCIS Season 20 is on Monday, September 19, at 9 p.m., Eastern. Don’t miss the second part of the special crossover premiere event with NCIS Hawaii Season 2 premiere at 10 p.m., Eastern, both on CBS.

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