‘Mama June Road To Redemption’: Spotted Filming Season 7?

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Has Mama June: Road To Redemption been renewed by WEtv for Season 7? The future of the show was recently leaked in a fan group on Facebook.

Fans of Mama June Shannon were a bit disappointed toward the end of July when another new episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption never came. Sadly, this was simply because the Season 6 Finale aired and there were not any additional episodes.

Naturally, the immediate question fans had was simple: Would Mama June Shannon return for Season 7? Officially, there hasn’t been any information confirmed by WEtv regarding the future. Unofficially, however, some details were leaked on Facebook recently. So, what is the status of this reality TV series?

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Mama June: Road To Redemption Season 7 Status Leaked

According to chatter on Facebook, a fan spotted Mama June Shannon with a film crew. The individual took to a fan group to spill the juicy detail. In the comments, the same individual did the best they could to answer questions. The fan confirmed they were filming with Mama June in Jackson. For other fans that caught wind of the info, this was all they needed to know to confirm Mama June: Road To Redemption was going to happen.

In response to the news, many fans admitted they were far more interested in Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin. Not everyone was against Mama June, though. Many fans admitted they were thrilled to learn the show was likely coming back for another season.


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The end of season  brought big drama

The big question is will it be the Mama June show or The Mama Pumpkin show? Season 6 ended with a torn family and a new younger version of Sugar Bear in June’s life. The girls did not like him (her now husband Justin Stroud) and made it very clear. Last season June brought Covid to Alana’s 16th Birthday party and everyone in the house got very sick. June then became an even bigger pariah.

June signed over her custody rights of Alana to daughter Pumpkin and husband Josh. She was also ordered to pay child support. Needless to say, there was a lot of drama at the end of season 6. Season 7 has plenty to work with including Pumpkin’s baby twins she gave birth to on May 19th, 2022. Alana also has a new boyfriend named Dralin Carswell. Season 7 will definitely be loaded with lots of new drama and faces.

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Are you surprised to learn Mama June Shannon is already filming Season 7 of Road To Redemption? Do you think Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo will return or could they end up with their own spin-off? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more gossip, rumors, and news on Mama June Shannon and her family.

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  1. Mama June and her coterie have become entrenched as an American institution. We love them and need them. Keep their beloved saga on TV.

  2. Yes please bring the entire clan back. Love the drama, love and disfunction of this reality family. I look forward to every season of Alana, Pumpkin, Josh & Mama June. Season 7 YES!!!

  3. yes plz bring back pumpkin n honey boo boo. I love that pumpkin n Josh stepped up n was there for alana..when momma June selfishly was all about her n her man. now June is clean n of course her man is more important than her children. pumpkin n josh so proud of you both…keep up the great job! keep ur family in my prayers! Hope to see all on tv in 2023

  4. Would love to see another season of Mama June, with or without June is fine with me. I do like to see June make an A** of herself and never apologize for nothing. She is a mess! That’s what brings the drama to the show. Can’t wait for season 7!!!

  5. Mama June might be a train wreck but she makes the show. Alana is a spoiled brat and her antics are not appealing at all, including her latest: dating an older man. Pumpkin and Josh and the babies are just adorable and more wholesome than the entire lot.

    If you’re going to bring this show back, bring back the whole clan. A reality show about Alana and Pumpkin would be boring. I’d rather watch chrome rust on a car. Put Mama June in the mix and you have a winner – again.

    As Alana is so fond of saying, “Everyone deserves a second chance”…except her deadbeat, criminal father.

  6. Get rid of mama June , she is nothing but a train wreck , she is totally white trash , and a poor example of a mother and grandmother, it’s should be embarrassment to the TV network of having something like that on television for our children up today , she doesn’t appreciate any of the opportunity to show as given her , she was and still is a nothing

  7. Would love to see Alana & Mama Pumpkin with their own show!! June has turned so selfish I don’t know what happened to her… just sad

  8. Even though June is a total train wreck the show needs her in small doses. Pumpkin and Josh are the best!! Alana and her boyfriend are just “meh”, but I guess also a necessary evil. I’m still excited about my guilty pleasure coming back…bring it on!!!

  9. Please, please bring Mama June and the clan back on for Season 7!!! I’ve watched every episode from Toddlers and Tiaras to all seasons of Mama June through her addiction and poor taste in men. She finally found a nice honest guy in Justin. They represent real life with all the trials and tribulations of life! I look forward to every episode and wish the seasons were longer!!!

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