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‘Jeopardy!’ Luigi De Guzman Weighs In On Ken Jennings’ Blunder

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Jeopardy! champ Luigi de Guzman and Ken Jennings have both been put on blast by viewers over the past 24 hours. As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans accused Ken Jennings of playing favorites with the champ. Likewise, fans accused the show of being rigged. Luigi de Guzman caught wind of the heat he’s been catching from viewers on social media. And, he decided to respond to it. What did the Jeopardy! champ have to say about the accusations against the show and Ken Jennings?

Jeopardy! champ Luigi de Guzman responds to backlash

In a very long string of tweets, the Jeopardy! champ addressed all of the concerns and comments that had been made regarding Wednesday’s episode. Moreover, Luigi reveals that he reached out to Harriet. The Jeopardy! champ revealed that her thoughts and feelings on what everyone was saying mattered the most. So, he reached out to her and they had a great conversation.

He penned in one of many tweets: “I’ve pinged her about this, and she has shown me the grace befitting a great litigator. That means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it.”

Luigi de Guzman - Jeopardy Youtube

At the very beginning of his string of tweets, the Jeopardy! champ explained that he decided to watch back the episode with “cold eyes.” After doing so, he realized he owed Harriet an apology. He could clearly see how it appeared as though Ken Jennings was playing favors. Though, it wasn’t really something he had control over.

Using the answer “Constable” as an example, Luigi explained that he seized an opportunity to correct himself.

If I had been in Ken’s shoes, I probably would have cut Luigi off *brusquely* and moved on. But Ken hesitated, and in the moment, I saw him hesitate, and I kept talking. The rule ended up on my side, but looking at it cold, I see how it could have ended up differently.

Luigi does recognize that when the roles were reversed and Harriet tried to correct herself on an answer, Ken Jennings didn’t hesitate. So, he could see how those two things playing out differently caused viewers to get upset.

He would have done things differently

Jeopardy! champ Luigi de Guzman claims that he would have either allowed both players to correct or not allowed either player to correct as opposed to the way Ken handled the situation. It, however, was never his call to make.

What do you think about Luigi speaking out on the backlash against him? How do you feel about the way this Jeopardy! episode played out? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more game show news.

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  1. Harriet deserves the chance to return. And possibly be designated a winner. She would have won if not for the Jennings blunder.

  2. Harriett would have won if Jennings (and the judger) was consistent with rules. Let Harriett come back or give her the money she would have won.

  3. I find the comments that Harriet would have won ludicrous. She was trailing almost the entire game. And Luigi gave her a chance! While is was a runaway, he bet $6000 which gave any of them a chance to win. You are looking to make an issue where there is none. Unbelievable.

  4. I hope there’s enough outrage to throw Jennings and the producer, Davies, off the show PERMANENTLY!
    I thought I was watching Democrats and Republicans!
    Where Democrats play by one set of rules, a much stricter set of rules for Republicans!!

    1. I agree. Jennings *cheated* his way to fame. So playing favorites is as playing favorites does.

      Thank the Lord for the reruns of “The Big Bang Theory!”

  5. To make things more consistent, the host should stop calling answers “incorrect” before the time is up. She should have had the option to change her answer just as he did. It’s a simple change and would make that situation a nonissue.

  6. And how about tipping the categories to the strengths of who ever is the current super champ? In this case, Spanish language questions. And when the champ does well with Bible questions , the Bible comes up quite quite often. The same for those strong in a category like geography or history.

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