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Fans Spot Bizarre Appliance In Jessa Seewald’s New Kitchen

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Jessa Seewald posted a promo for Home Chef on her Instagram Stories recently. Some of her followers, however, really zoomed in on something that was behind her. Something hiding in the background of her photo. For the most part, fans were under the impression Jessa and Ben Seewald didn’t have a lot of money.

Fans also believed the show getting canceled was detrimental to their income. Most fans believe this is the real reason why Jessa does so many promos on social media. She’s trying to make up for the lost income. With all of these assumptions and speculations in mind, fans were pretty off-put by what was hiding in the background of her kitchen.

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What did fans see hiding in Jessa Seewald’s kitchen?

One Eagle-eyed fan pointed out that Jessa Seewald had a Berkey water filtration system sitting on her counter. Other fans chime in to clarify that that particular water filtration system costs between $400 and $450. Moreover, fans agreed it wasn’t a very good water filtration system. It, however, did send a message regarding how “wealthy/crunchy/cool” Jessa and Ben thought they were.

A second Duggar fan agreed that this particular kitchen appliance is usually only found in the kitchen of certain types of people. “The only people I know who have them are a: doomsday preppers, and b: people who feel everything in their home is dangerous and filled with chemicals and heavy metals like lead.” They explained.

Here’s what a few other fans had to say about the bizarre item in Jessa’s kitchen:

  • “It’s an eyesore and a waste of counter space. Does her new fridge not have a filter?” 
  • “Is a Berkey just a bigger, shinier, more gimmicky Brita pitcher?”
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Overall, fans seemed to agree it was an overpriced kitchen appliance that was more about making a statement than serving a purpose. Some fans doubted if Jessa even knew how to use the filters. Others pointed out that her fridge likely had a filtration system making this appliance pointless.

What is her net worth, anyway?

As TvShowsAce reported last year, Jessa and Ben Seewald were reported to have a net worth of around $400K. Fans know the couple makes their money via Instagram promos and YouTube revenue. Many fans also suspect Jessa still gets financial assistance from Jim Bob Duggar for respecting his wishes and following his rules despite being married with children.

Are Duggar fans making a big deal out of nothing or is this a weird appliance for Jessa Seewald to have in her kitchen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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