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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Shook As Player Misses Out On $100K

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Wheel of Fortune fans are shook as a player missed out on $100,000. The classic game show returned for its 40th season on Monday, September 12. The show has an all-new look with its colorful new set and puzzle board, which has drawn mixed views.

Fans were shocked when one contestant missed the $100k bonus prize. She couldn’t figure out the final puzzle, which some think was “incredibly easy” to guess if you enjoy this sweet treat. Host Pat Sajak called this moment the “first big loss” of the season. Read on to learn more.

Wheel Of Fortune Player Jen [Daily USA News | YouTube]
[Daily USA News | YouTube]

The classic game show doesn’t end on a sweet note

During the Tuesday, September 13 broadcast, player Jen made it all the way through to the show’s bonus round. Season 40 of Wheel of Fortune promises to have even bigger prizes and even bigger money. Pat chose a mystery card from the prize wheel. The bonus clue category that Jen chose was: “Food and Drink.”

The bubbly contestant chose consonants “D,” “C,” “M,” and “A.” The puzzle board had seven letters that were blank. Some would assume that it would’ve been easy to solve. Yet, Jen struggled to figure it out since it wasn’t a common phrase that rolls easily off the tongue.

“Delicious… taste, delicious,” Jen’s voice trailed off as she figured out the clue. “Delicious table… tart, argh!”

Unfortunately, time was out. Pat revealed the puzzle: “Delicious Taffy.” The Wheel of Fortune audience gasped over Jen’s mistake. Some could argue that it’s not every day that people would talk about “Delicious taffy.”

Wheel Of Fortune New Puzzle Board [Daily USA News | YouTube]
[Daily USA News | YouTube]
Next, Pat opened the gold mystery card that revealed what she would’ve won. “Ah, rats, I’m sorry,” he said as he revealed the $100k prize. She put her hand on her chest when she saw it.

“It’s the first big disappointment of the season and it’s an XL disappointment, I’m sorry,” Pat told Jen. “I feel badly too!”

It wasn’t a total loss for Jen. She walked away with her $22,750 winnings.

Wheel of Fortune fans react to devastating loss

Over on Twitter, Wheel of Fortune fans react to Jen’s loss. Some believe that “Delicious Taffy” was an “easy guess” even though it’s not a common catchphrase. Oftentimes, the big prizes are associated with phrases that aren’t as easy to guess. It turns out that most of the Wheel of Fortune watchers are also taffy lovers.

Jen & Pat Sajak [Daily USA News | YouTube]
[Daily USA News | YouTube]
  • “A lady spun the wheel and landed on 100 grand but did not get it because of taffy.”
  • “Thank God it wasn’t the million.”
  • “Oh no. First $100k loss in Season 40. Let’s not go there!”
  • “My son: ‘that’s like the worst puzzle. Taffy is always delicious. It never changes.'”

What are your thoughts on the first loss of Season 40? Do you think “Delicious Taffy” was easy to guess? What are your thoughts on Wheel of Fortune so far? Sound off below in the comment section.

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