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Sheryl Underwood Breaks Silence About Sharon Osbourne

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Sheryl Underwood broke her silence about Sharon Osbourne. She has mentioned the former The Talk co-host until she left the daytime show in March 2021. The 69-year-old British personality was fired from the show after she got into a heated debate with Sheryl about racism. Sharon was upset with her former friend and told her not to cry on public television.

The two haven’t spoken since that time. Both Sheryl and the CBS daytime show have moved on without the original cast member. However, she admits that she “misses” her former colleague. She talked about her departure from the talk show.

Sharon Osbourne & Sheryl Underwood [The Talk | YouTube]
[The Talk | YouTube]

The Talk co-host opens up about Sharon Osbourne

In an exclusive interview with People, Sheryl Underwood revealed her true feelings for Ozzy Osbourne’s wife. She admitted that she still “misses” her on the show. On Monday, September 12, The Talk premiered Season 13 with an outdoor circus theme. The comedian feels sentimental that the show has moved on without the fiery redhead.

“I miss her. You can’t work with somebody for all that time. I have an equation that I use — time plus distance equals clarity,” Sheryl Underwood told People. “When you work in daytime with somebody, 220 shows, four days a week, traveling with them, talking to them, you can’t forget that.”

Sharon Osbourne Discusses Racism [The Talk | YouTube]
[The Talk | YouTube]
Last year, Sharon got into a heated debate with Sheryl. She defended her friend Piers Morgan over his criticism of Meghan Markle during her and Harry’s interview with Oprah. The former royals shared their experience with the British Royal Family. They alleged that some of their family members acted racist.

Piers dramatically quit Good Morning Britain after his comments about Meghan. He got into an argument with co-host Alex Beresford about his harsh criticism. Sharon stood by her friend, which landed her in trouble with The Talk. She argued with her former friend that defending Piers didn’t make her a racist.

Sheryl Underwood tried to be a friend

Sharon was fired immediately after an investigation was launched into the talk show and the argument itself. Even former co-hosts Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete claimed that Sharon was racist to them when they worked on the show. Sharon argued that she was “set up” and she will “never forgive” the show for firing her.

As for Sheryl Underwood, she felt that she “was having a conversation with a friend.” On the other hand, she “knew I had to be an example.” She didn’t “want to be perceived as the angry Black woman.” Sheryl’s job was to remain rational and solemn during the conversation.

Sheryl Underwood On The Talk [The Talk | YouTube]
[The Talk | YouTube]
It was hard for her to go back to work because of the “trauma” she suffered. The Talk underwent a reboot after that episode. The talk show went on hiatus after it returned with guest hosts and a new point of view. What are your thoughts on Sheryl Underwood missing Sharon? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Sharon was setup by sheryl and the others , as she is friend with pier..she was asked a question and answered..this is why I don’t watch that show anymore..

    1. Sherly and Sharon should have been more observe.Knowingly they were on a Talk Show.Be wise and listen so then if any mishaps you would have caught it.I liked them both.Sharon really made me laugh.I actually thought she was a comedian.Sherly I liked her serious inputs.I missed them both working together.Since there’s a new crew l liked them all.The show have high rating for me.I give them a 💯. Because they all do a wonderful job.

  2. I call BS! CBS played both women. Stop seeing color just love! miss Sharon and stopped watching together. Stop dividing people.

  3. Sheryl stood for what is right. Piers degraded Megan and Sharon supported his views. It doesn’t matter if her and Piers are friends or not, his views were racist and she supported it. However I enjoyed her tenure on the show.

    1. How did Piers degrade Meghan? Because he didn’t believe her? There were at least 20 statements that Meghan made that have been proven to be lies. So if Piers was able to distinguish the lies she told (when she told them), he is a pretty good journalist. I loved Meghan when she married into the RF. Now I see she is a narcissistic liar. Sheryl claiming she misses Sharon and that she tried to be calm when discussing things with Sharon are laughable. Sheryl was doing everything she could to make Sharon look bad.

      Does Sheryl not realize that she (Sheryl) had made many racist comments? A black woman wrote a book several years ago that claimed only whites can be racist. So many people actually believed that. It is just absurd. You can have hate and bias in you no matter what color your skin is. I don’t watch The Talk anymore.

  4. there will always be racism, so you have to choose whether you’re racist or not in the way you treat other people. A kicked dog will bark.

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