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Robyn Brown Not Safe With Husband Kody?

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Robyn Brown has pretty much been holed up with her husband Kody for much of the pandemic. Despite him having three other wives, she and her children were the only ones who followed his strict Covid protocols. However, she noted that she never signed up for monogamy during a talk with second wife, Janelle. Now, in a bonus clip, Robyn talks about the polygamous cycle of kicking out your husband and where he lands. Keep reading for more details.

Robyn Brown: The Kicker & The Receiver

It is kind of like a vicious cycle in plural marriage. The wives know that their husband can never actually be homeless when he has more than one home. In a bonus clip, shared by @withoutacrystalball, Robyn talks about Kody getting kicked out of the homes, for various reasons. Now, as a refresher, in the Season 17 premiere, Kody had been moved out of Christine’s home. He had no warning so he was consulting Robyn who suggested that he sleep on the couch or a cot at Christine’s. At some point, all the wives had thrown him out but he always had a place to go.

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This time, he and Meri are so disconnected that he definitely would not seek solace there. As for Janelle, she and her daughter, Savanah just tested positive for Covid so that was a no-go. The only place for him was Robyn’s and she clearly had enough of him. In the bonus clip, she admitted that Meri had thrown him out the most. He would then pop up at Robyn’s but she was not having it so she would send him right back.

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Her solution was that he stay in another bedroom at Meri’s home, the same as when Christine kicked him out. The problem is that Kody can quickly leave whenever he does not want to deal with something. This is much like what the wives do when they tell him to leave. Admittedly, Robyn has told him to leave when she does not like his behavior and the way things are going. As Robyn recounts this whole mess, she is stammering, almost as if she is telling family secrets.

Is She Safe With Kody?

It is not that Robyn Brown is unsafe with her husband. The problem is that he appears unwilling to work things out. When a problem arises, he seems to just leave. Robyn would rather him stay and face the issue head-on rather than just constantly appear at her door. The sole reason for plural marriage and multiple wives was so the burden was spread out equally. Clearly, he is always running back to Robyn as that is his safe place.

One person put it perfectly: “He has other wives to run to when he has an argument with one. Why is it always her he runs to?” It is no wonder Christine finally came out and referred to Robyn as his favorite wife. As much as Robyn seems to want him to change, is she actually enabling him? Is she actually taking on the burden of all of his frustration from the other wives? This does not appear to be what she signed up for at all.

Do you think Robyn Brown is safe with Kody? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. Heck, IS kody brown SAFE with his remaining TWO Wives??? Robin should CHANGE the locks to prevent a “drop-in” visit!!!! Whhaaaa Whhhaaa . Will say CLUELESS kody!!!!

  2. lf the brows are Christians could they please check their words . Christine says kody is heart broken over her leaving its an act

    1. As my father said to my sisters when their marriages were falling apart and they wanted to move back home, “you made your bed, sleep in it.” Yea, she’s still safe.

  3. I don’t for 1 minute think Robin is clueless..I believe she likes having her Kody all to herself, lets not forget she was a professional actor and playing at victim seems to be her game…come on you know darn well Kody could go to Meri’s did you ever say hey go to Meri’s because your here everyday..Kody uses Covid to cover his own terrible treatment of family members for years ..hey Kody can I tell you covid has been 2 years and vaccines came out after 1…you have been awol for 10 plus years…

  4. I feel all Kody cares about is spreading his seed and then it’s all on the wives. Does he actually add any financial support to the wives and the kids. The wives have to put their name only on the leases and mortgage. I thought in a plural marriage everything was shared. This wives also seem to want their cake and eat it too. Each living in separate houses. It just like they are having an affair with a married man and they all know it.

  5. Once again it’s poor Cody! He’s an egotistical jerk in different ways with different wives. The kids really are non existent in these relationships. It’s tragic for the kids. This is why the all congregate around the moms. I commend these women for finally getting some self worth and showing these kids there is another good and kind side of life. Cody has never shown one third of the love to these kids that these moms have. It’s shameful! I wish the best for all of these folks. As for Cody, he’s getting what he deserves.

  6. every since he brought Robin into the picture it’s all been about Robin everything in the family was great until Robin came into the picture as soon as he divorce the first wife and married Robin he kicked her to the curb so what she got on a computer but she was lonely but that’s kind of his fault too ain’t it if he was sharing his time and love but all the other wives they wouldn’t feel the way they do the world does not evolve around Robin and her children he kind of kicked his own kids to the curves too he needs to kick Robin to the curve a little bit I treat the other women like they should be treated after all the years they put in with his ass my opinion maybe they should all move on and leave him with Robin that’s one he loves the most thank you

  7. I think Robin stirs crap .. I have not liked her from the first show !!! I had a feeling she was playing games … YRS SHR WANTS KODI JUST FOR HERSELF AND SHES DONE IT !!!!

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