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Pete Davidson Snubs Kanye West At Emmys


It’s no secret that Kanye West and Pete Davidson do not get along. Despite Pete and Kim Kardashian recently breaking up, it seems that the feud has yet to end. This year at the Emmys, fans noticed Pete snub Kanye in a big way. Will their battle ever end?

Kanye and Pete have a history

Anyone that follows the Kardashians knows that Pete Davidson and Kanye West have a rich history. In the last year, they basically became enemies when Pete and Kim Kardashian started dating post divorcing Kanye. Turns out, Kanye was not ready to see Kim move on as he started trashing Pete non-stop. He even decided to start calling him Skete instead of Pete.

It didn’t stop there though, Kanye went on to write threatening songs about Pete with even more threatening music videos that depict Kanye burying Pete. For a few months, there was quite a bit of tension between the three of them before Kanye decided to leave everyone alone.

He only broke his Instagram silence to make fun of Pete and Kim for breaking up. Naturally, he posted a fake news headline reading “Skete Davidson Dead at 28.”

Pete Davidson | Youtube
Pete Davidson | Youtube

Pete Davidson gets back at him

Now, according to Yahoo! Pete is shutting Kanye down and maybe even getting back at him a little bit. This weekend, Pete was a presenter at the Emmys where he had the prefect chance to take a low-key shot at his enemy. Pete decided to dress just like Kanye during his presentation.

The comedian wore a Dickies jacket with matching Dickies pants. This is the same outfit that Kanye wore to the Met Gala when he attended with Kim in 2019.

Fans instantly took to the internet to talk about the snub.

“Not Pete Davidson dressed up like Kanye at the Emmy’s,” one person writes.

“Can we all just appreciate Pete Davidson dressing like Kanye for the Emmy’s,” another says.

“Pete Davidson got on a whole Dickies fit at the Emmy’s Kanye bout to have a cow,” a third adds.

Kanye hasn’t commented on this yet, however, it seems that he probably will. Unlike other celebs, Kanye is generally very reactive to things that happen to him. It will be interesting to see how he handles this situation.

What do you think of Pete snubbing Kanye? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite celebrity drama.

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