Meghan McCain Slaps Back At Sherri Shepherd’s Nasty Comment

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Meghan McCain has never been closed-lipped about her time at The View. She has also never held back when discussing the toxic work environment she was subject to. Admittedly, her biggest nemesis was fellow co-host, Joy Behar. Yet, McCain was a little taken aback when it came to former co-host Sherri Shepherd. She shaded Meghan during an appearance on WWHL and, within the proper context, it actually made little to no sense. Why? Read on for details and Meghan’s reaction and response.

Meghan McCain Responds To Sherri Shepherd

Yes, both Meghan and Sherri spent time at the table on The View. They both dove into Hot Topics and shared their opinions with other ladies and viewers. However, they did not serve their time together. Sherri was a co-host from 2007 to 2014 whereas Meghan did not start her tenure until 2017. Therefore, the ladies were never official hosts together. While promoting her new talk show, Sherri was asked by Andy Cohen who she was still closest to from the show.

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It appears she had been spending time with everyone but she slid in the exception was Meghan. Apparently, she is not a fan of the co-host, who exited the show in 2021. Fortunately, Meghan was on Andy’s SiriusXM radio show and was able to respond to Sherri’s snark. According to Deadline: “I don’t know Sherri Shepherd. She was on the show like 15 years before me, when I was in high school, so I don’t know why anyone is under the impression that we’re close friends.”

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As far as Meghan is concerned, Sherri solely did this to garner more publicity for her new talk show, Sherri. She went on to add: “It just seems like a really mean, nasty thing to do in a very strange way to start your new talk show that’s supposed to be light and positive for women to like trash someone and I know what she’s doing. I mean, we’re all smart. She’s like, throwing shade and making it a point to say like, ‘All the alumni at The View get along and braid each other’s hair and go to sleepovers except Meghan.’”

A Toxic Co-Host Past

Last month, Meghan McCain was very open about her struggles with Joy Behar on The View. After coping with a miscarriage, Meghan was elated when she found out she was pregnant. She welcomed her daughter, Liberty, and was on maternity leave enjoying her new life. Though she always knew she would struggle with Joy, it reached a peak when she returned from leave. She shared that, when returned, Joy make a comment that no one missed her. Behar added that she should not have even come back.

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Joy Behar

This was the last straw for the co-host as she never felt she had any support on the talk show. It was extremely toxic. However, she remained hopeful that the new conservative hosts would not have to go through what she did. Sadly, it appears that she cannot escape the harsh environment she’s tried so hard to get away from.

Was it right for Sherri to bring Meghan up like that? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Joy Behar is a joke of a human being. the whole show is toxic and yet it stays on the air. I like Sherri Shepard and she is very underrated as an actress, however if she never worked with Megan, she should keep her mouth shut.

  2. Joy Behar is a cruel person and always will be.
    Sherri Shepard had no business saying what she did about Megan, I will not watch her new show!!

  3. Meghan was so rude to Joy on that show, always interrupting her and being disrespectful to her. I don’t recall Joy saying that but I’m actually surprised Joy didn’t say more than that. So glad her and her right wing crap is gone. I couldn’t care less about Meghan and Sherri isn’t my favorite but all she did was point out the sentiment and everyone in the Watch What Happens Live audience got it. If Meghan wasn’t such a mean girl herself, she wouldn’t always be dragged by women all of the time.

  4. Funny how Megan grows balls for other people’s opinion of her, but didn’t have a set when Donald Trump talked bad about her father alive & after he passed. Instead, she continued to support the lying bigot. In my opinio she gets whatever criticism she gets. Whether it be publickly or personal.

    1. I could not agree more. Meghan McCain was blindly defending a party that had no respect for her father’s legacy and would get overly emotional with her cohosts and exhibited childish and entitled behavior and could never lose an argument. She is not missed by her cohosts and is not missed by the audience who did not buy her book Bad Republican and did not buy her victim role .

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