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Is Lifetime’s ‘Dying For A Crown’ Based On True Events?

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Lifetime has a new thriller that is just in time for the school social season. It is called Dying For A Crown. This new chiller stars Jennifer Titus (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Roe v. Wade), Catharine Daddario (The Tomorrow Job, The Midway Point), Laura W. Johnson (The Single’s Guidebook, Final Thoughts), Jevon White (A Dangerous Affair, My Magic Sunshine), Molly Hargrave (Fading, The Tinder Piper’s Association), Andre Haskett (The Girl From Plainville, Manhunt), Darby Breedlove (Summer Of Charlie), James Arthur Douglas (Pinky Promise, Vanity Vixens), Amelia Still (Always A Winner, Dead Silent), Adam Shimberg (Beauty Is Skin Deep, The Lifeguard), Abraham Sosa (Church Of Darkness), and Caroline Knight (My Best Friend’s Exorcism, Fantasy Football).

Damián Romay (South Beach Love, Christmas In Pine Valley) is the director. 

What else do we know about Dying For A Crown? More so, is this based on true events?

What Is Lifetime’s Dying For A Crown About?

According to the synopsis, Lydia Campbell (Titus) and her daughter Elle (Daddario) have just relocated to Florida. They came to the Los Angeles area under mysterious circumstances. Moreover, Lydia is now the new Assistant Principal at Bellview High where Elle is a senior.

Both mother and daughter are looking at this move as a reset. However, they want to live a better life. Most of all, they will do anything to achieve it. That includes some of the most cherished traditions.

Now, Elle has one goal in mind. She wants to become homecoming queen. With Lydia by her side, Elle won’t stop at anything to get that crown!

When Can You Watch Dying For A Crown?

The premiere of Dying For A Crown is on Saturday, September 24, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Jennifer Titus, Lifetime-Dying For A Crown-
Jennifer Titus, Lifetime-Dying For A Crown-

Is Lifetime’s Dying For A Crown Based On A True Story?

Lifetime is famous for its Ripped From The Headlines movies. Like those movies, Dying For A Crown is based on true events.

Revenge For My Mother

Airing right before Dying For A Crown is Revenge For My Mother, at 6 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. This chiller stars Sami Nye, Taylor Joree Scorse, Jason Tobias, Anzu Lawson, Janet Carter, Jerry Hernandez, Garo Grigsby, Kennedy C. Hall, Bobby Marchesso, Rachel Moses, and Gabrielle Fernandes.

According to the synopsis, Audrey (Nye) teaches postnatal fitness to a group of moms. They all bring their baby strollers to the event. However, things get dicey when Audrey’s recently hired assistant secretly starts exactly revenge. Now, Audrey’s perfect world of cute moms, and babies erupts into madness and murder.

Is anyone safe?

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Hall Pass Nightmare

Lifetime will air Hall Pass Nightmare at 10:03 p.m., on Saturday, September 24, right after Dying For A Crown.

Starring in this movie is Andrea Bowen, Matt Magnusson, Gib Gerard, April Nelson, Kacy Owens, Alan Pietruszewski, Maya Goodwin, Jane Papageorge, Ryan Sturtz, Andrew Sikking, Nanda Ziegler, and Anne Stedman. This is directed by Marla Sokoloff.

According to IMDb, Carrie Palmer (Bowen) was on a work trip that turned into something more. Additionally, she had a very intoxicating encounter with bad boy musician Dante Magnusson (Jones). However, now, it seems that Dante is stalking her.

Seems that what happens on a work trip doesn’t always stay on a work trip. Finally, what is she going to do?



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