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Kody Brown Withheld Intimacy With Christine For Robyn?

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Kody Brown spent much of the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives trying. He was either trying to understand why Christine moved him out. Or he was trying to convince her to keep their family together. In the end, he was left with just three wives, as the last season’s tell-all made very clear. Yet, one detail that was spoken about in the premiere was favoritism. Though it had been mentioned in the past, Christine broached the topic head-on. Was this actually the cause of their marriage going south?

Kody Brown Withdrew Intimacy So Robyn Could Get Preferential Treatment?

The one thing Kody always talked about was how one wife should not get more than another. He even stated that when he and Christine had their sit-down in the season premiere. Kody believed that there were times Christine wanted more from him. In return, she would be taking from his other three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. Was that true? That is debatable but the real wife it seemed he always wanted to please and make number one was Robyn.

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Kody alleged that Christine did not treat her sister wives great and there was one relationship she needed to work on. If she did that, they could possibly be intimate again. He admitted in his confessional that he wanted her to be as mothering to Robyn’s children as she was with Janelle’s. In a clip posted by @withoutacrystalball, you can clearly see who’s responsible for Christine and Kody’s demise. Kody then addressed something that had happened around ten years ago. Christine noted it was the first time she had ever gotten jealous, which was when Robyn entered the picture.

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Finally, Christine realized that it did not matter the hoops she jumped through, it would never be enough. Kody was making excuses for their lack of intimacy and he had a favorite wife. More so, unless Christine was putting Robyn up on a pedestal, it would never work. Robyn was the woman that Kody really loved and this was just a hard truth. If intimacy was put back on the table, Christine claimed she would not believe Kody would comply. Plus, she no longer wanted it from him.

Leave The Past In The Past

Christine felt that she and Kody Brown both wanted out so she had no idea why he was still fighting. Furthermore, Christine revealed when and why their problems actually started. It was when she was pregnant with Truely, about twelve years ago. Christine needed to bring in an income so she went to work at night. Aspyn was really young and ended up putting her siblings to bed. Therefore, Christine asked Kody to come by and help out. Unfortunately, he declined which was extremely hurtful to Christine.

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Kody maintains that Christine just wanted more than the other wives and that was the big issue. He claims that he had other wives to tend to but this was really where the marriage saw its demise. There was a lot of “nos” and not a lot of positivity which brought it down from there. Luckily, Christine is now thriving in Utah and is still close to her former sister wife, Janelle Brown.

Do you think that Kody withheld intimacy so Robyn could get better treatment or is he just solely in love with his fourth wife? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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