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Fans Disgusted Over Joy Behar’s Rude Treatment Of Sara Haines

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The tension between Sara Haines and Joy Behar during Tuesday’s episode of The View was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. Initially looking to Whoopi Goldberg to handle the situation, Sara ended up defending herself while popping off her rude co-host.

What happened exactly that caused Sara Haines to pop off at Joy? And, do viewers at home agree that Joy was being rude and Sara had a right to defend himself? Keep reading for a recap of what happened and how viewers at home felt about it.

Sara Haines defends herself against Joy Behar

During a discussion about the divide in the royal family, it became clear Sara Haines had enough of her disrespectful co-hosts. Sunny Hostin made a comment noting the monarch tried to protect Kate Middleton but never offered that same protection to Meghan Marke. Sara tried to add her own thoughts to the conversation.

Sara Haines - Joy Behar - Youtube

“Well and that’s the number one thing when I watched the storyline that bothers me,” Sara Hines started before being cut off by her co-host Joy Behar. Joy brought the topic of racism to the table. And, she did so while talking over Sara completely. Viewers at home (as well as Sara) don’t think Joy even noticed Sara was talking.

Whether she wanted to or not, the situation did force Joy Behar to apologize to Sara.

Sara Haines - Sunny Hostin - Youtube

Viewers are home were furious

For the most part, viewers at home rallied behind Sara. They were furious at the way she was being treated and demanded the entire panel be more respectful. One fan questioned why they never let Sara talk before pointing out that the camera doesn’t even like stopping on Sara. Others begged them to let Sara speak noting it wasn’t the first time she’d been ignored or talked over.

For the most part, viewers seem to agree there is a pretty heavy amount of disrespect for Sara Haines on the set of The View. Viewers claim that in addition to her co-hosts, the cameramen don’t even seem to have a lot of respect for what Sara has to say.

Fortunately, being one of the youngest on the panel of The View hasn’t intimated her in the least. And, she’s got no issues defending herself. What did you think about her recent interaction with Joy? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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