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Fans Horrified By What Claire Duggar Seasons Guacamole With

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What exactly does Claire Duggar use to season her guacamole? She recently uploaded images of her creating a fun, homecooked meal but things didn’t exactly go the way she thought they would. Online, fans frequently criticize the Duggars for a wide variety of choices they make. And now it seems as if they are coming after Claire’s cooking too.

Keep reading and see why fans are so shocked and concerned about her choices.

Claire Duggar makes a surprising choice in the kitchen

Justin and Claire Duggar initially got a lot of attention online when they became engaged at such a young age. It’s not at all uncommon for members of the Duggar family to marry young, but Justin and Claire were still in their teens when he proposed.

Even though they’re young, it appears as if they are still going strong.

Justin and Claire Duggar from Instagram
Justin & Claire Duggar/Instagram

Fans criticize the Duggar family for a wide variety of reasons. But this week, it seems like they’re coming after Claire’s cooking.

“Currently one of our favorites 🌮😋” the 21-year-old captioned her cooking video online. The video shows the cooking process in a variety of stages, including a frame where Claire has all her ingredients laid out on a cutting board. And that’s where fans noticed something very odd — it looks as if she is using lemon and lime essential oils to season the guacamole.

Claire Duggar from Instagram
Claire Duggar/Instagram

Fans really thought this was a bizarre choice and didn’t understand why Claire didn’t use actual juice from a lemon or lime instead.

Are those essential oils? I didn’t know the were food safe!” one of Claire’s followers wrote on the video. Others replied that some are, but they weren’t entirely sure that the ones Claire used were safe to eat.

Claire Duggar has since limited the comments on her Instagram video. What do you think about her guacamole? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Where does the couple stand on children?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 children, which is pretty large even by their church’s standards. But with so many children, it’s only natural that there’s almost always a wedding or pregnancy in the works.

Justin and Claire Duggar currently don’t have any children, but pregnancy rumors are nearly always circling around the couple. In fact, Justin and Claire both post so infrequently on social media that it’s hard for many fans to keep tabs on them.

As it stands right now, there’s currently no telling where or not Justin and Claire are expecting. It’s possible they might be waiting until they’re a little older and have more money saved up to welcome a little one.

Stay tuned for more information on Claire Duggar and the rest of the family. There will be more stories like this one to share soon.

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