Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC

Amy Halterman Shares Private Snaps Of Gage & Glenn

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Fans couldn’t be happier for TLC personality Amy Halterman these days. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star now has two little boys of her own and her family is complete.

1000-Lb. Sisters viewers would love to see the kids onscreen, but for now, they will just have to settle for the photos Amy chooses to share. Keep reading to get an inside peek at the lives of the Halterman family.

Amy Halterman shares more sweet photos of her boys

Amy Halterman gave birth to her second son Glenn on July 5. That makes him two months old as of early September. And it seems like he’s really growing like a weed.

Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb. Sisters from TLC
Amy Halterman/TLC

“Good morning. Idk what this seat thing called but Glenn loves it so much,” Amy captioned her latest Instagram photos. “He love seating and looking at the world.. of course gage seat close by. Gage is a protective big bro.”

She attached a photo of Glenn in his seat and Gage playing with a cowboy hat. The boys are getting so big and fans can hardly believe their eyes!

Glenn Halterman from Amy Halterman, Instagram
Amy Halterman/Instagram

Many fans pointed out how much baby Glenn lookslike Amy. They can easily see her in his tiny features.

“Glenn is your Mini me and Gage is your husbands mini me! You did good mama 🙌 You have yourself some very handsome boys 💙💙” one fan wrote.
Gage Halterman from Amy Halterman, Instagram
Amy Halterman/Instagram

“Your boys are literally the cutest Amy 😍” another fan wrote.

Amy posts much more infrequently these days. Without a doubt, she has her hands full with the boys. However, fans really live for moments like these. They just can’t get enough of those sweet little faces.

Is the TLC star backsliding on her weight loss goals?

When 1000-Lb. Sisters first premiered, Amy Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton were focused on losing weight. However, Amy decided to pursue motherhood and put her weight loss journey on the back burner for a while. Her doctor warned her against getting pregnant so soon after having bariatric surgery, but she didn’t listen to his advice. She actually gave birth twice before he told her it would be safe to do so. Now, fans are worried that Amy isn’t concerned about her health at all any longer.

Fans recently spotted Amy Halterman and her family at a local restaurant near their home in Kentucky. A Redditor said she ordered quite a bit of food at the joint. Hopefully 1000-Lb. Sisters will return for another season soon and fans can keep up with Amy and her wellness journey. They just hope she hasn’t abandoned it yet.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for the latest 1000-Lb. Sisters news. There will hopefully be more news to share about the show’s future as 2022 heads into its final days. Check back for more information and see what’s happening with the family next.

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