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‘The Talk‘ Season 13: Fans Beg Production To Change It Back

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The Talk Season 13 is here, but things aren’t quite going according to plan. Viewers are excited to welcome back the daytime talk show but are incredibly disappointed with one new feature.

What exactly is rubbing fans the wrong way? And why do they want the executive team to change things back? Keep reading to see what’s going on.

Fans trash The Talk Season 13’s new theme song

The Talk Season 13 finally premiered on September 12. And right away, viewers could tell something was amiss.

The Talk from CBS
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There’s a new theme song and fans aren’t into it at all. The Talk’s official Facebook page posted a video of the new tune, sang by pop singer Andy Grammer.

“Nothing like starting off Season 13 with a NEW theme song by the talented Andy Grammer! 🎶” the official Facebook page captioned the video. 

“I love Andy….but nope!” one Facebook user commented. Many others chimed in and said that they just weren’t feeling the new song. One even said that they didn’t feel like they could identify with the show any longer.

Even though the new theme didn’t seem to go over well with fans, the hosts of The Talk seemed to have a great time. In the video, they can be seen dancing and grooving to the song with the audience.

Listen to it for yourself and see what you think:

Do you love the new anthem for The Talk Season 13? Or do you also wish the exec team would go back to the old opening? No matter what you think, be sure to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to share what you really think!

Natalie Morales steps out of her comfort zone and tries something new

The theme song might be different now, but The Talk is largely still the same daytime talk show that viewers know and love. Now, fans might even get a chance to see some of their favorite cohosts in larger roles. In August, Natalie Morales really stepped out of her comfort zone and made her debut on The Young and the Restless.

It was definitely a major adjustment for fans, who are used to seeing Natalie as a strong journalist. But many online admitted that she did an amazing job with her new part on the long-running soap opera. Many long-time The Talk viewers are incredibly excited to see what kind of projects she will tackle in the future.

And whether you love the new theme for The Talk Season 13 or hate it, there will be more new episodes to come very soon.

Love talk shows? Check back for more information on The Talk Season 13 and all your other favorite shows. You won’t want to miss out on any other exciting stories, so stay tuned for more.

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