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Sassy Olivia Plath Taunts Trolls With Cleavage & Hits The Pole

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Olivia Plath is doing all she can to keep the haters quiet on social media! The Welcome to Plathville star posted some videos of herself pole dancing, and it turns out, some followers of hers weren’t too impressed, and of course, they let her know in her DMs. However, she isn’t staying quiet about it.

Olvia Plath takes to Instagram

Welcome to Plathville star, Olivia Plath, is not the same woman she once was and she’s making sure everyone knows it. In the last season of the show, it was revealed that both she and Moriah Plath took up pole dancing lessons. At the time, Olivia expressed it was hard for her, but being on the pole was boosting her confidence. She even went as far as to install a pole in her house.

Olivia Plath | Youtube
Olivia Plath | Youtube

Now, she’s hitting the pole again and sharing it on her Instagram. She posted a video of herself dancing, explaining that she was a bit rusty. However, shortly after she shared the video, she shared a screenshot from a follower who was less than impressed by Olivia’s dancing. In fact, they made it pretty clear they thought what she was doing was horrible.

“WTF is wrong with you… Are you that angry at your family that you have to do crazy crap like this to prove yourself… You are ridiculous,” they send her in a direct message.

The hater doesn’t stop there though. They continue to talk about how Ethan probably doesn’t want his wife on social media looking like a ‘stripper.’

Olivia Plath | Instagram
Olivia Plath | Instagram

Olvia doesn’t let that fly

Of course, Olvia isn’t letting any of this fly. In fact, she’s calling the hater out. First, she shares a screenshot of the messages from the haters captioning it “This is disgusting. Don’t be this kind of person.” She also shares a sweet photo of herself in a dress explaining why she doesn’t let this hurt her anymore.

However, she doesn’t stop there. In fact, she gets pretty sassy. She goes as far as to spin around on her pole before finally flipping the haters off! That one comes with a caption too, reading “I think I’ll invite the haters over for breakfast and pull this out of my a*s over avocado toast.”

It seems that Olivia is really over the hate she gets.

Olivia Plath | Instagram
Olivia Plath | Instagram

What did you think of Olivia Plath’s Instagram story? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite TLC stars.

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