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Robyn Brown Felt ‘Powerless’ As Kody & Christine Split

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Robyn Brown tells the cameras she felt “powerless” as she watched Kody and Christine split up. The TLC personality has also said in a teaser for Season 17 that she hardly recognizes her family right now.

Kody Brown leaned heavily on favorite wife

As things got heated and difficult between Kody and Christine, he was quick to run to Robyn for support. Kody hoped Robyn would give him the advice he needed to fix things with Christine. It, however, appeared as if Kody was hoping for advice that would support what plans he already had in place. When it became apparent that Robyn wasn’t giving him the advice he wanted to hear, he was no longer interested in talking to her. And, the conversation ended.

Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine Brown – Robyn Brown – Sister Wives – Youtube

Robyn Brown felt powerless, didn’t recognize her family

Speaking to the cameras alone, Robyn Brown says she thought it was “bullcrap” that Kody didn’t seem to want to fix his situation with Christine. Robyn also admitted the whole situation left her feeling powerless.

Robyn Brown tells the cameras the situation has also given her a new perspective on how unfair plural marriage is toward the wives. When Kody Brown gets in a fight with one of his wives, he simply leaves and goes to someone else’s house to spend the night. Using Christine as an example, Robyn points out that she was left to deal with her problems alone. Whereas, Kody Brown could simply lean on a different wife for support.

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

Sister Wives fans want Robyn to stay out of it

Fans of Sister Wives admit they are a bit baffled as to why the status of Kody and Christine’s marriage matters to her so much. After all, fans deeply believe Robyn Brown wants Kody all to herself. So, it seems like losing one of his wives would be moving in the direction that she wants things to happen. On the show, Robyn swears she doesn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship. Fans, however, believe that’s just scripted nonsense.

What do you think about Christine and Kody’s split weighing so heavily on Robyn? Do you think she’s being dramatic? Let us know your answers down below. And, check back in with the latest Sister Wives news, spoilers, and recaps.

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