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Fans Accuse Kris Jenner Of Having Stand-In For Latest Advertisement

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Kris Jenner looks great at sixty-six. Then again, she lives an amazing life with her famous family plus her much younger boyfriend, Corey Gamble. She also has a plethora of grandchildren to help keep her young and youthful. However, the momager recently did an ad with her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner. They both looked fierce but viewers had questions and doubts about Kris. Was that really her or did she use a stand-in for some of her parts?

Was That Really Kris Jenner?

Kris has never been shy about her body. In Season 1 of The Kardashians, she was seen having her daughter, Khloe Kardashian help fix her a bath. Then, she got in and proceeded to luxuriate inside while having a full-on conversation with the Good American founder. Plus, the Kar-Jenner clan has never been short on body confidence. Now, Kris has teamed up with her daughter Kylie for a Kylie Cosmetics collaboration. Together, they did a fun commercial, dressed in black and sipping cocktails.

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At one point, Kris is swirling around in a long black dress, moving and shaking. According to The Sun, fans were not convinced that it was truly Kris in the entire ad. They took to Kylie’s Instagram to express how they felt:

  • “Give credit to the woman dancing as Kris.”
  • “Nah that’s not Kris”
  • “It’s definitely a stuntman”
  • “yes it wasn’t her in the middle of the video”
  • “She wish she could move like that”

Still, fans really appreciated the video and how much fun the mother/daughter duo had. Some even defended the dancing and believed Kris was just having a good time. There was a point when the mother of six wanted to be a cheerleader during Season 2 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So her dancing the night away is not so far-fetched.

Faking It In The Family

To be fair, Kris Jenner’s daughters have been accused more than once of photoshopping their bodies. Unfortunately, their photoshops often result in failure. Sometimes they make things unbalanced. Back in July, Khloe and Kim went on vacation and they photoshopped so poorly that their hips were mismatched. Fans could not believe this happened. They have gotten so photoshop happy that fans even questioned if Kim used a filter on her grandma, MJ.

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So, this makes perfect sense that they would wonder if it was actually Kris or a body double based on their history. It can come off as disingenuous for women who do try to promote loving their bodies. Either way, Kris had a great time and looked amazing so that is all that matters. There will be plenty more from the family when Season 2 of The Kardashians premieres on September 22 on Hulu. Will you be watching? Plus, do you think that was actually Kris? Let us know.

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