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Charlie Sheen’s Daughter Spread Eagle In Pink Striped Bikini

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Charlie Sheen’s daughter posed spread Eagle in a pink striped bikini. On Monday, September 12, she heated up Instagram with her latest shoot. Sami posted a carousel of photos that were shot on a beach in California. She rolled around in the sand, showed off her booty, and spread her legs for the camera.

The moment she turned 18 six months, she joined OnlyFans. Unfortunately, this is the path that many teenage girls are taking these days. Sami got backlash from her famous father for joining the adult platform.

However, Denise Richards says she supports Sami’s decision and admits that she’s done much worse back in her heyday.

Charlie Harper Talks To His Pyschiatrist [TV Land | YouTube]
[TV Land | YouTube]

What does Charlie Sheen think?

Charlie Sheen made it clear that he’s not supportive of his 18-year-old daughter joining OnlyFans. Despite his seedy past, he thinks Sami should be doing better things with her time and talent. Back in July, Sami announced that she was selling her bikini photos on the platform.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum joined the site shortly after and is extremely supportive of her daughter’s choice. Yet, the same can’t be said for Charlie. In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Sami said that while her mom is on her side, the former Two and a Half Men star still doesn’t support her decision. Sami was asked if Charlie ever came around.

“No, he hasn’t — not too much,” Sami told TMZ. “I don’t really mind. It’s totally fine.”

Sami Sheen [Sami Sheen | Instagram]
[Sami Sheen | Instagram]
Sami then admitted: “It’s kind of personal.” She has no idea if Charlie Sheen will ever be open to the idea of her OnlyFans account. In a statement to the media, Charlie said that he does “not condone” his daughter’s decision. The former ’80s heartthrob admitted that he wouldn’t allow this if Sami had lived with him.

“But since I’m unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity,” Charlie Sheen said. “She is 18 years old and living with her mother. This did not occur under my roof.”

Sami Sheen Attends Festival [Sami Sheen | Instagram]
[Sami Sheen | Instagram]

Sami Sheen flaunts her body on the beach

Sami denied the claims that she’s selling x-rated content. She admits that she has more control over the content she makes. The reason why she joined the platform was that she liked “the creative side of it and to be able to make my own choices and be my own boss.”

In her latest Instagram post, she defied Charlie Sheen as she rolled around on the beach. In the photos taken by photographer Stewy/Backgrid, Sami laid on her stomach in the sand. She also showed off her toned body as she pulled up her pastel pink thong bottoms.

The blonde teen paired the look with a pink striped bikini top. She also laid back in the sand as she showed off her long legs and tiny waist. In another photo, she spread her legs as she squatted in the sand.

Sami Sheen In Little Bikini [Sami Sheen | Instagram]
[Sami Sheen | Instagram]
Sami turned her head away from the camera. She showed off her hair which was soaking wet from the ocean. Sami captioned the photos: “in your dreams.” Check out the professional shots for yourself here. The comments were a mix of younger women and older men.

What are your thoughts on Charlie Sheen’s daughter joining OnlyFans? What do you think of her latest photos? Do you agree that she’s too young? Sound off below in the comment section.

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