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‘sMothered’ Jason Draws Line In Sand It’s Sunhe Or Him

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Even after having a child together, it seems like Angelica and Jason’s relationship is still on rocky roads. Reason: her mom Sunhe! While Sunhe never felt that Jason was right for her daughter, Angelica’s weirdly close relationship with her mom has added to the woes between her and Jason. Yet, it seems like Jason doesn’t want to put up with this anymore. In the latest TLC sMothered trailer, Jason puts his foot down with a serious ultimatum.

When Will sMothered Season 4 Episode 6 Air?

As per reports, sMothered Season 4 Episode 6 won’t air this week. The Monday slot is taken up by the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3. The new sMothered Season 4 episode will air next week on Monday, September 19, 2022, at 9 pm ET, on TLC. The latest episode will explore Dawn taking a reluctant dip in the pool after Sherry, Jared’s stepmom pushes her in to stop her from talking.

sMothered YouTube

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The trailer also explores Kathy’s meddling which starts big trouble between Carlo and Cristina. Not just that, the latest trailer shared by TLC on Instagram, shows that Angelica might finally have to step up and decide who the best fit for her life is, Sunhe or Jason.

Sunhe Disapproves Of Jason Given His Past Marriage

sMothered Season 4 has brought in a lot of drama and cringe-factor. Its latest season premiered on August 8, 2022. The show features several mother-daughter duos sharing everything from their rooms to personal space. Among the duos that became an instant hit are Sunhe and Angelica. They have been a part of the show for three seasons now, making it to Season 4, as well.

sMothered YouTube

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Their intense closeness has caused complications in both of their romantic lives. Although their bond might be a reason for their partners to worry, the mother-daughter duo surely brings drama to the table.

Angelica sMothered YouTube

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Sunhe has always been disapproving of Jason given that he is a divorcee. Her meddling has often caused friction between Angelica and Jason, who is growing increasingly impatient with Sunhe’s involvement in their lives. Now, that the water is above his head, in the latest trailer, he warns Angelica to make the ultimate choice.

Will Angelica Step Up And Make A Choice?

In the trailer, as the couple sits outside chatting, Jason says, “Our relationship doesn’t work while Sunhe is in the middle of it. So, ultimately, is it me or is it Sunhe?”

Angelica and Jason YouTube sMothered

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The trailer ends with Angelica on the verge of breaking down in tears.

After Angelica gave birth to Amara, fans thought that this new babe might bring the family closer together. However, it was just the opposite. This made Sunhe even more critical of Jason.

Jason sMothered YouTube

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Will Sunhe ever cut the cord? Plus, who will Angelica choose: Jason or Sunhe? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss a new episode of sMothered next Monday on TLC.


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  1. Sunhe from 90 day fiancé stated “her daughter can do much better than Jason”. Honey what do you think you have there for a daughter? She’s overweight and has YOU in the picture this women should take who she can get! Lol

  2. sunhe is a controling mother an will destroy her daughter life beyond what she has already done . Angelica should realize she is damaging her an jason daughter life. The best thing for her an her daughter is to send her mother on her own before its to late. You need to make a decision now before you indanger your little girl in further. Please for the sake of your little girl run as fast an far from sun he as fast as u can.

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