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Jinger Vuolo Rocks Shockingly Expensive Bling On Her Wrist

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Jinger Vuolo and the rest of the Duggar family don’t typically wear extravagant or expensive outfits. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar always raised their children to exhibit modesty in every element of their life. But now that most of the kids are adults now, they’re free to make their own choices.

Jinger and many of her sisters have already broken the infamous “no pants” rule. And now, Redditors think that Jinger might be investing in a few high-quality accessories. Keep reading to see what they sniffed out.

Is Jinger Vuolo showing off some serious bling online?

Most Duggar fans still wouldn’t label Jinger Vuolo as “flashy,” but they definitely agree that her style has evolved quite a bit since she married Jeremy and left her parents’ house. But what exactly did one Redditor think they spotted on her wrist?

Jinger Vuolo from YouTube
Jinger Vuolo/YouTube

“Is she… is she wearing a Submariner Rolex?! That costs $9,000?!” the original Redditor wrote in a recent thread. They attached a screenshot from Jeremy’s Instagram.

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However, other users quickly shut the OP down and determined that it was not a Rolex watch.

“It is a regular watch lol, it’s 100% not a Rolex. There’s a million watch brands that make watches that look like this. This sub is a bit much at times,” another Redditor chimed in.

“I agree it’s probably not an actual Rolex but I’d put money on some sort of pseudo knock off (like how Michael kors has basically a Birkin knock off) rather than it being like a canal street fake,” someone else added.

Many other Redditors discussed whether or not it would be appropriate for a pastor like Jeremy to give his wife such an expensive watch like a Rolex in the first place. Others brought up Joel Osteen and said that Jeremy was striving to be just like him someday.

What do you think of the situation? Don’t forget to add your own ideas in the comments.

Is the TLC personality feeling okay?

The Duggar Reddit forums are always buzzing about the family members and the latest drama. But lately, a few followers have become really worried about Jinger. They’re worried she might not be in the best health. Seasoned Duggar fans know that Jinger has struggled with an eating disorder in the past and worry she’s struggling again.

No matter what’s actually going on in the Vuolo house, fans hope that Jinger is in a healthy mental headspace and is able to seek treatment if she needs it. They may never actually open up and let followers know what’s really going on.

Interested in keeping up with the Vuolos and the rest of the extended Duggar family? Check back for the latest information and updates. There will definitely be more stories to share very soon.

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