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Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray Looks Back After Tragic Losses


People all over the world love celebrity chef Rachael Ray. However, the 54-year-old has been having an incredibly difficult time over the last few years. In the past few years, she’s lost her home and her family dog. But even amid all the tragedy and heartache, she’s determined to keep moving forward.

Now, Rachael Ray is speaking out about moving on after the tragic personal losses. See what she had to say.

Rachael Ray opens up about rebuilding after losing it all

The Rachael Ray Show is coming back for Season 17 soon and fans couldn’t be happier. ET caught up with the celebrity chef to talk about the latest season and discuss what the road ahead looks like. She lost her home in a housefire a few years ago and had to completely rebuild.

The damage was extensive. But the good news is that everyone made it out safely. Things really could have been so much worse.

“We purchased the land there over four years ago,” Rachael said about her Tuscan villa. “So much has happened since then, but it took all that time to build it out, because we had to do it on Zoom. Who builds a house on Zoom? And in a different language.”

Her family and pets managed to escape the blaze. But sadly, her dog later passed away before the rebuilding process was complete.

“…in the meantime, as everybody knows, we lost Isaboo, God rest her soul, and we lost our home, and our apartment flooded — I mean, it was a weird three years.”

The chef went on to say that things have been so chaotic over the last few years that she’s really lost sense of time. It’s been a struggle for her to adapt to filming new episodes of her show, but she’s managing.

The chef prepares to let people in

Rachael Ray admits she used to be more of a private person. But now, she’s working on showing more of herself to the world.

Rachael Ray from YouTube
Rachael Ray/YouTube

“I got over the fear — we always try to keep a little slice of our life private to us, but it’s actually — it’s very cathartic and freeing to include people, and we always shot the show mostly unscripted,” she told ET. “And tried to be as real as possible with folks, from the earliest days at Food Network to everything certainly that we’ve tried to do here at this television production, but it became this strange thing. That first line, we talked about it, before when you cross the doorstep, ‘Oh my god,’ like, panic attack. We’re gonna let people in here.”

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