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Trevor Donovan’s Professional Skiing: Will It Help On ‘DWTS’?

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As Dancing With The Stars fans get ready for Season 31, they want to know if the stars have previous dance experience. Does 90210 alum Trevor Donovan have any in his past?

Well, he does have one public dance outing, and that was in one of his movies. However, what he excelled in was winter sports, in particular downhill ski racing, and snowboarding.

Trevor Donovan Was On The U.S. Teen Ski Team

Before Trevor Donovan became an actor, he was an athlete. The Mammoth Lake, California native grew up skiing. He was even on the U.S. teen ski team. However, he told TVLine, that despite success on the slopes, he abruptly decided to do something else.

“I was competing for the far west team, which is a regional team in the western half of the United States, and on my way to the development team of the United States ski team. And then I quit that and joined the snowboard team, which my ski coach was not happy about.”

Hallmark Photo: Trevor Donovan, Farid Yazdani Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Albert Camicioli
Hallmark Photo: Trevor Donovan, Farid Yazdani Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Albert Camicioli

Trevor Donovan Line Dances In Hallmark’s Two For The Win

In Hallmark’s Two For The Win, Dancing With The Stars competitor Trevor Donovan does a lot of the skiing himself, but also line dances.

Firstly, Trevor revealed in numerous interviews that his parents were happy he was doing a ski movie. Best of all, in this Hallmark movie, he did some of his own skiing. He would have happily done more, but they had one full week to get all the skiing scenes. That is why a second film crew, with his double, was filming at the same time.

“I get to do a lot of my own skiing. Not quite as much as I would have liked. I did most of it, but we had time restrictions and weather restrictions. We had to be shooting two units at once… But I did do a lot of my skiing and I got to include some physical comedy aspects to it.”

In one scene of the movie, everyone line dances to a live band. This is a fun scene in the movie.

How To Watch DWTS Contestant In Hallmark Movies

Want to see Trevor’s dancing and skiing skills? Fans can decide for themselves if they think Trevor will do well this season of DWTS. You can stream the video on Hallmark Now. They are offering a one-week free promotion.

In addition to this movie, you can also watch Trevor ride horses and star alongside the late James Caan and Jon Voigt in the JL Family Ranch movies, as well as a half dozen other romantic movies. There won’t be any dancing, but it is always fun to see the handsome star doing what he loves–making movies!

Do you think his multiple athletic skills will give him an advantage in this upcoming season?

You can watch Trevor Donovan in his first dance on the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 31, premiering on Monday, September 19, on Disney+.


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