New Episode Of ‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Not Airing Tonight, Why?


I Love A Mama’s Boy fans may be looking for a new episode of the hit TLC reality series. If you are unable to find one tonight in the guide, it is not a mistake. So, are there more episodes to Season 3 and if so, when will they air? Read on for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of I Love A Mama’s Boy On Tonight?

This season has been a rollercoaster. Matt found love with Brittany after his engagement was called off to Kimberly. He became closer to his mother but it was just a tad too close for comfort. Unfortunately, he and Brittany just could not work out and she wanted him to fess up to cheating. He refused, claiming that they were never exclusive. Now, he has a new lady, Devon, and is pushing for them to join a potential new season. Though the show still has not been renewed just yet, there is no reason for it not to be. It is doubtful that Lorenda and Tre would return since he and Abbey broke up.

Emily, Shekeb

Emily and Shekeba are still fighting for their relationship while Robert did undergo a paternity test and proved his mother wrong. Ethan and Leyna were actually supposed to get married over Labor Day weekend but some Redditors alleged that it was postponed. So, is there more to come for Season 3? Sadly, last week was the finale with a wrap-up of the season’s best highlights. Yes, the show is over for now but there is another fan favorite in its place so Sunday nights are still just as good.

What’s In Its Place?

With I Love A Mama’s Boy gone, that means that Season 17 of Sister Wives is in. Yes, the hit show about the plural family has finally returned after around seven months. There is a lot to unpack with this one. When the last season ended, third wife Christine revealed that she was leaving. She packed up all of her husband, Kody’s stuff and put it in the garage. He was shocked and dumbfounded. By the time of the tell-all, they were divorced.

Kody Brown - Janelle- Christine - Meri - Robyn Sister Wives

The new season will show Christine actually leaving the family in Flagstaff and moving to Utah. How will the family handle it and how exactly will the dynamic change? Are you excited about the return of this series? Is it a fair trade for I Love A Mama’s Boy? Let us know your thoughts and watch the premiere of Sister Wives tonight on TLC.

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